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Arapahoe Community College

"Maybe it was the royal purple that evokes sentiments of virtue, or perhaps the encouraging motto: 'Move Mountains', that initially attracted me to ACC. Ultimately, I am pleased to be enrolled here at ACC, where students from all walks of life can truly appreciate a wonderful array of courses taught by highly qualified instructors who have a keen passion to teach."

- Rashid Mohamed, Austria

“ACC is a great environment for international students because it truly feels like they care about your success. With great professors and many resources available for students you can definitely achieve your academic goals. Also, the help of the international students' advisor makes the experience much easier and pleasant; I know I can always get answers and guidance for any of my concerns."

- Tal Lachish, Israel

"Being a student of ACC challenges me to strive for higher goals by developing responsibilities and professionalism at an excellent, academic environment."

- Moises Fermin, Venezuela