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Strategic Vision 2020-2025

ACC Strategic Vision 2020-2025

ACC’s Strategic Vision 2020-2025 is our college wide collaborative process to "Move Mountains for You.” Input comes from our three Estates and Advisory Councils. Learn more about who we are, who we aspire to be, and how we plan to get there by reading our crucial planning documents and reports.

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ACC’s Vision & Mission

Revised January 6, 2020

ACC’s Vision

To be the leader in innovative community college education.

ACC’s Mission

To provide innovative and responsive educational and economic opportunities in an accessible, inclusive environment that promotes success for students, employees, and the communities we serve.

ACC’s Value Proposition

Students will experience academic success and career achievement with personalized attention at ACC. ACC makes it possible for everyone to have access to higher education with individualized support, passionate faculty, and a welcoming environment. Our innovative programs utilize hands-on experiences to make learning come alive which enables our diverse community of students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to reach their goals.

  • Easy to get to locations in Littleton, Castle Rock, and online
  • One-on-one support
  • Affordable
  • Recognized as a leader in Colorado education

ACC’s Value Statements

Life-long Learning
We uphold the highest academic standards and support the growth and success of each individual we serve.

Collaborative Partnerships
We foster trusting relationships and respectful communication through collaboration with our students, employees, and external stakeholders.

We encourage an ethical environment that embraces honesty, respect and personal responsibility.

We encourage the free exchange of ideas and an open dialogue in a brave environment that embraces individual differences.

ACC Equity Statement

We welcome and value the identities and experiences of our students, staff, faculty, and surrounding communities. We seek to engage and support historically marginalized groups whom higher education has traditionally failed to serve. We work to foster an equitable and inclusive learning and work environment that supports our students and employees through professional development, programming, reflection, and transformational change of ACC practices, procedures, services, and teaching. We collectively commit to holding ourselves accountable to our equity goals through assessing these efforts with multiple strategies that include voices of those impacted by this work.

ACC Student Learning Outcomes

Preparing learners for life success is an important commitment at Arapahoe Community College. These learning outcomes address the knowledge, skills, and values that are fundamental to the personal and professional growth of our students, employees and community.

The students will be able to construct, deliver, and engage in effective communication for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Equity and Inclusivity
The students will be able to define, describe and analyze various issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective disciplines.

Information Management
The students will be able to identify, retrieve and synthesize information in order to think critically, reason logically, and make informed judgments.

Personal Enrichment
The students will be able to analyze and incorporate social accountability and ethical behavior along with continual development of self-concept and identity to obtain meaningful goals.  

Quantitative Reasoning
The students will be able to retrieve, interpret and evaluate quantitative information to determine trends, make predictions, and develop informed decisions.

Strategic Directions

Student Success
Student success is core to the mission of ACC, and each employee at ACC contributes to the success of our students.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Provide quality teaching and learning through high impact practices, technology integration, and ongoing faculty professional development to foster a caring and welcoming environment for each student.

Equity and Inclusion
A climate of equity and inclusion is fostered through welcoming and supportive environment for each student, employee, and guest. College initiatives support the closing of equity gaps through differentiated learning practices and individual student support structures.

Climate of Innovation
Encourage the pursuit of novel and innovative approaches to teaching and learning, student support, college direction, and partnerships.

Quality Workplace
Maintain a workplace environment that focuses on employees and provides opportunity for ongoing professional development and enrichment.