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Students in Community Education

Arts & Humanities

Discover or enhance your creative side with our courses in arts, crafts, music, theater, writing, and photography.

Arts & Humanities Classes

painter painting on canvas


Learn a new language or improve your fluency, learn English as a second language, or study for your citizenship test with language classes at ACC.

Language classes

sign language class

Computer Skills

Whether you are new to computers and need basic training or are looking to get certified in Microsoft Word or Excel or take your tech skills to the next level, we have a technology class for you.

Computer Skills Classes

people typing on laptop and tablet

Personal Finance

Learn about investments, creating wealth, real estate, home buying and selling, rental properties, retirement planning and more with ACC's personal finance classes.

Personal Finance Classes

person with computer and calculator

Professional Development

Looking for certificate programs, college prep courses, or EMS re-certification courses? Check out our Professional Development classes.

Professional Development classes

person writing on sticky notes on wall


Take care of your mind and body with fitness, wellness, and SilverSneakers and Renew Active classes at ACC.

Health classes

person with yoga mats

Home & Garden

Discover your passion for home improvement, interior decorating, and/or sustainability with Home & Garden classes at ACC.

Home & Garden Classes

person with bouquet of flowers

Youth Programs

Prep for college or recover your high school credit in courses at ACC.

Youth Programs Classes

child using 3D printing machine