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Pass Phrase Rules



  1. Use a passphrase of random words that total at least 14 characters or more.
  2. Use three of the following character types: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters (spaces count).
  3. Arrange your random words into a sentence that helps you remember them.

Change your passphrase every 6 months.

While an old password like ‘H4rd0ck$1’ might take days for a computer to guess, a phrase of random words like ‘Final Dancer Coffee Porch’ will take the fastest computer hundreds of years to guess!

Now put your random words into a crazy sentence, like “The dancer finally brought the coffee to the porch” and it’s easier to remember.

ACC students may print to a variety of printers at each ACC campus location. At the beginning of each semester, students are provided a printing quota equivalent to 250 black and white prints. At any point in time, you may add credit to your print account by contacting the Cashier's office or visiting the Library & Learning Commons on the Littleton Campus. Students at our Sturm Collaboration Campus at Castle Rock who wish to add to their print account may ask for more information at the front desk.

Up to 5 personal devices can be connected to the ACC WiFi. Your device will prompt you in a web browser to log in with your username and password (Your S number and ACC password). The device will then be registered for one semester. WiFi connections must be reset each semester. For Guest Access, follow the directions to create a Guest Account.

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