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ACC Littleton, Parker, and Sturm Collaboration Campuses

“I have enjoyed working at ACC because the first priority here is students. My message to those students...stay the step at a time...YOU CAN DO THIS...and we are with you EVERY step of the way!” 
Peggy Quinn – Administrator of the Year

Peggy Quinn

“Working with the students, faculty and staff at ACC is very rewarding. This year has been exceptionally exciting with the addition of our innovative Cybersecurity / Secure Software Development program. It integrates experiential and project-based learning to provide students with real-world experiences in a rapidly-changing landscape. I encourage all of our students to stay strong, persevere, and complete what they’ve started. ACC is here for you.”
Nina Amey - Faculty of the Year

Nina Amey

"I enjoy working with the students and staff at ACC because there is a genuine culture of people that want to be here. Students want to be here to learn and instructors want to be here to teach. That makes creating a learning environment that much more enjoyable for everyone. I would encourage students to keep pushing towards the finish line. Whether that line is the end of this semester, the end of their time at ACC, or towards the end goal of your ultimate aspirations. Perfection is impossible, but if you make the best of each day..that’s where you’ll find real progress!”
Jason Klobnak - All College Instructor of the Year

Jason Klobnak

“I have always enjoyed working at ACC, even more so now in light of what we are going through. Our administrators, faculty and staff are all working together to help students and each other. I encourage our students to stay positive and keep pushing through. Reflect on all you’ve accomplished and remind yourself that you are strong enough to finish the semester.”
Angie Pendell – Classified Employee of the Year

Angie Pendell