Clery Act / Crime Statistics

A Note from the Chief of Police

As part of the larger community, the College shares many of the same interests and problems, including a concern about crime. The College has been fortunate in not experiencing a significant number of crimes but one should not be misled into thinking the campus is crime-free. There always exists the possibility of a criminal act occurring against a member of the ACC community despite the best efforts of the Campus Police Department and the administrative staff. A truly safe campus can only be achieved through shared responsibility.

The College is responsible for maintaining a safe environment to support a healthy learning-centered campus. ACC is committed to making necessary physical improvements that would promote safety and well-being, to review and update policies, procedures and rules, and to hold accountable those who choose to commit crimes or violate rules and regulations.

Every student, faculty, staff member and visitor has the individual responsibility to be aware of their personal safety, to utilize college resources, to make positive choices, and use common sense. Crimes, violations, hate crimes, suspicious persons or activity, and safety issues should be reported upon discovery. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and the important information in this document. Each semester, you will receive additional safety updates, timely warnings, and important information regarding safety on campus via email, flyers, TV monitors and other presentations. Thank you for choosing to Move Mountains at ACC.

Joseph Morris
Chief of Police

For more information view 2018 Arapahoe Community College Annual Security Report.

*Parker Campus Crime Statistics updated 10/15/18