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Arapahoe Community College Littleton Campus

Additional Rental Information

Use of College Buildings and Property

Addendum A


Please also see BP 16-60 and SP 16-60.

The primary purpose of the facilities at Arapahoe Community College (ACC) is to carry out the educational mission of the College. As a public institution, ACC also seeks to reach out and be accessible to the larger community. ACC has the right to establish reasonable regulations regarding use of college property.

To the extent that space is available, ACC welcomes community groups and organizations to utilize the facilities for purposes compatible with the Colleges’ mission. Any group that uses ACC’s facilities is expected to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and follow the policy as discussed below. Further, these gatherings shall not disrupt normal college functions, endanger the health or safety of any person present, or damage college property.


This policy applies to all ACC employees and students, as well as community members who seek use of the College facilities.

Facility Use

Academic usage shall have priority for use of ACC facilities (i.e., classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities which are being used for teaching and instructional programs) over non-academic use. Both kinds of use will be scheduled accordingly.

Individuals or groups must notify and coordinate activities on campus through the Facilities Department prior to arrival. Groups that do not provide notification may be asked to reschedule based on the college’s ability to safely support the event and schedule conflicts and priorities.
The individual or group must assume responsibility for compliance with all state and local laws and college policies and must sign the College’s facilities use agreement.

All non-College groups shall be charged the fees listed in Attachment A for use of facilities and must provide evidence of insurance coverage. The College, in conjunction with State Risk Management, determines appropriate rates of insurance coverage for the intended use.
Refusal of a reservation: Arapahoe Community College reserves the right to cancel an existing reservation and/or withhold reservations and use of Arapahoe Community College facilities or grounds by any outside group during an emergency situation affecting college operations, public health and safety, or other emergency as designated by the federal, state, county or municipal government. In these circumstances, alternate means of communication may be considered, if available. Facility Rental monitors and responds to requests to reserve space.


Arapahoe Community College has standard multimedia projectors, sound systems and seating for large gatherings. ACC’s Waring Theatre can accommodate 226 people and our theater-style, third-floor lecture hall has seating for more than 100 people. We have a large, ground-level multi-purpose room (The Summit Room) for up to 400, as well as a fitness center complete. Even more, our expansive parking lots can be converted to host a variety of outdoor events and activities.

Certain areas are not conducive to all types of uses. The College may limit the areas available based on considerations such as disruption or safety and may reassign space if necessary. Space may also be reassigned if College activities so require. Users should contact the Facilities Department to discuss the intended use.

It should be noted that city streets and sidewalks are public forums; and they are available for assembly to all members of the public, as long as the assembly is in keeping with federal and state laws, and city ordinances.

The following streets and sidewalks adjacent to or running through the campus are examples of such public forums: Sumner St, College Dr., Church Ave., Curtice St., Nevada St., Prince St., and Alamo Ave.


In order to protect the ACC mission and the safety of all staff, students, and invitees, participants in activities must abide by the following requirements:

Assembly and petitioning may not interfere with ACC Operations.

Persons may not block or otherwise interfere with the free flow of vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic. The right of way of streets and sidewalks must be maintained.

Persons may not obstruct, disrupt, interrupt, or attempt to physically force the cancellation of any event or activity sponsored by ACC or by any users authorized to use College Property.

Persons shall not engage in unlawfully harassing, physically abusive, threatening, or intimidating conduct toward any person.

Persons shall comply with the directions of an ACC official acting in the performance of his or her duty.

Use of public address systems and amplified sound will not be permitted unless prior authorization has been obtained.

Persons on College property may be required to provide picture identification and evidence of qualification at ACC upon request.

Distribution of written material such as pamphlets, booklets, brochures are acceptable as long as the material is designed for informational (not commercial) purposes.

If you have any questions about distribution means or material please contact the Facilities Department.

The College retains the right to immediately suspend any activities and/or remove individuals from the College property if the activities interfere with the rights of others, disrupts the normal functions of the college, damage property, or endanger the health or safety of persons present on campus. Additionally, the college has the right to conduct disciplinary action and/or inform law enforcement if necessary.

Addendum A PDF

Facility Rental Terms and Conditions

Addendum B

  1. Apply applicable Addenda indicated in contract page. 
  2. ACC hereby agrees to permit User to utilize the facilities/equipment/services on the dates and times, for the activity and purposes, all as shown on the Agreement Cover Page attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. 
  3. User agrees that the Facilities shall be used only for the purposes specified herein in a safe and proper manner, and that it will pay on demand for any damage to the Facilities caused by the misuse or negligence of User’s representatives, employees, agents, guests or invitees. User shall not use or permit the Facilities to be used for any purposes prohibited by the laws, ordinances, or regulations of the United States, the State of Colorado or other governmental entity with jurisdiction and shall not permit any nuisance at or within the Facilities. 
  4. ACC makes no warranty concerning the suitability of the Facilities for User’s intended use of the Facilities. User shall be solely responsible for taking all reasonable precautions and preparations and providing all appropriate safety accommodations for users of the Facilities, except that User shall make no alterations or modifications to the Facilities without ACC’s prior written approval. 
  5. The User shall indemnify, save and hold harmless ACC, its employees, agents and governing Board, against any and all claims, damages, liability and court awards, including cost, expenses and attorney fees, incurred as a result of any act or omission by the User, or its employees, agents, subcontractors or assignees pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. 
  6. User may not assign or in any way transfer its rights under this Agreement to any other parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall imply any partnership, joint venture, or other association between ACC and the User. The User shall have sole responsibility for the content and the conduct of its activities on the ACC campus. ACC's name shall not be used to suggest co-sponsorship or endorsement of any activity. 
  7. Nothing in this Use Agreement shall be interpreted to create any leasehold interest in the Facilities or any rights beyond those specifically granted under this Agreement. 
  8. The User, its representatives and employees, shall comply with all rules, regulations, and/or laws prescribed by ACC for use of facilities, equipment, or services of ACC and with all applicable governmental rules, laws, ordinances and regulations and shall not permit a nuisance at or within the Facilities. 
  9. The User agrees to comply with all reasonable requests and regulations provided by ACC officers and/or representatives regarding health and safety considerations. All state and local laws and ordinances, as well as ACC regulations concerning health, safety and public order, which are applicable to the use and occupancy of ACC facilities shall be observed by User, its officers, agents, employees, guests, patrons or invitees. 
  10. Facilities occupied by User shall, at all times, be under the control of ACC, and all personnel from ACC shall have the right to enter said facilities on official ACC matters at any time when so deemed necessary. Protection of personal property is the responsibility of the customer and not ACC. 
  11. User understands that alcoholic beverages may not be used, sold or distributed in or at the Facilities at any time. 
  12. All general meeting rooms, hallways, rest rooms and other public areas included within the Facilities are considered to be non-smoking areas unless they are specifically marked as a “designated smoking area”. 
  13. Failure to pay User’s Pro-Rata Costs or any other amounts payable under the terms of this Agreement within fifteen days of the date when due shall constitute breach of Use Agreement by User. 
  14. Failure to perform or keep any of the terms, covenants or conditions of this Use Agreement shall constitute breach of Use Agreement by User. 
  15. In the event of an occurrence of default as set forth above, ACC shall have the right to terminate this Use Agreement by giving User written notice of such termination. After termination, User shall have no further right to enter or use the Facilities. ACC shall be entitled to recover from User the amount of unpaid costs or fees due at the time of termination. 
  16. This agreement, including all exhibits, supersedes any and all prior written or oral agreements, and there are no covenants or agreements between the parties except as set forth herein. No prior or contemporaneous addition, deletion or other amendment hereto shall have any force or effect whatsoever unless incorporated herein in writing. No novation, renewal, addition, deletion or other amendment hereto shall have any force or effect unless in writing and signed by all parties hereto. 
  17. If any provision of this Agreement shall be determined to be invalid, illegal or without force by a court of law or rendered so by legislative act, then the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. 
  18. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, no term or condition of this Agreement shall be construed or interpreted as a waiver of any provision of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, 24-10-101, et.seq., C.R.S., as now or hereafter amended. The parties hereto understand and agree that liability for claims for injuries to persons or property arising out of the negligence of the State of Colorado, its departments, institutions, agencies, boards, officials and employees is controlled and limited by the provisions of 24-10-101, et.seq., C.R.S., as now or hereafter amended and 24-30-1501, et. seq., C.R.S., as now or hereafter amended. Any provision of this Agreement, whether or not incorporated herein by reference, shall be controlled, limited and otherwise modified so as to limit any liability of ACC to the above-cited laws. 
Addendum B PDF

Facility Rental Process/Disclaimer

Addendum C

  1. ACC is a tobacco and smoke free campus. The use of cigarettes, vaping, smoking devices, tobacco products and cannabis is prohibited in all campus buildings and on campus grounds.
  2. Parking lots are permit parking only. Parking lots also have restricted areas indicated by signage that needs to be adhered to. Depending on the size of your event, parking permits may be required, please verify with Facility Rental prior to parking in controlled parking areas. Please note that street parking is regulated by the City of Littleton.
  3. Notify the Facilities Rental Manager of cancellation no less than seven calendar days before the scheduled date to receive a refund of the rental fee less $100; otherwise the client will forfeit the total rental fee.
  4. Accept responsibility for payment of regular charges, damages and/or additional cleanup charges that could occur in the use of ACC facilities. After the event the facility will be inspected and any additional fees will be billed to the client.
  5. Ensure that all advertising of the event identifies the individual or sponsor in charge. Renter is the sole sponsor of the event and all advertising must include this statement “Arapahoe Community College is not involved in sponsorship or endorsement of the event.”
  6. Abide by Municipal, State, Federal Laws, South Metro Fire Rescue Plan Review & Permitting, and ACC Policies and Regulations.
  7. Provide additional security measures if requested by ACC.
  8. Actual pricing and cost is contract specific.
  9. It is the applicant’s responsibility to advise the Facilities Rental Manager of any physical access accommodations that persons with disabilities will need to attend the applicant’s event. Any specific requests for accommodations must be made at least 5 business days in advance of the applicant’s event. Please note that the applicant is responsible for providing accommodations to the program. (i.e. interpreter, alternate format of materials.)
  10. As a State of Colorado Community College, ACC makes its facilities available for use by area organizations as much as possible when not in use for classes or other scheduled College activities. This information has been designed to answer some commonly asked questions; and to give you some general rules and regulations regarding facility usage at the College. Fees and policies are subject to change without notice, should you have any questions or concerns after reading the brochure, please contact the Facility Rental Department.
  11. If ACC has requested the user to provide a permit for the event, they must complete the South Metro Fire Rescue Plan Review and Permitting process as outlined in Addendum F.
Addendum C PDF

Insurance Requirements

Addendum D

Prior to Vendor entering the Property, Vendors shall obtain and maintain insurance in full force and effect as specified in this section at all times during the term of this Agreement.  All policies evidencing the insurance coverage required hereunder shall be issued by insurance companies satisfactory to the State of Colorado.

Vendor shall obtain and provide the following insurance documents:

  1. Commercial General Liability Insurance written on ISO occurrence form or equivalent, covering premises operations, fire damage, independent contractors, products and completed operations, blanket contractual liability, personal injury, and advertising liability with minimum limits as follows:
    1. $1,000,000 each occurrence;
    2. $1,000,000 general aggregate;
    3. $1,000,000 products and completed operations aggregate; and
    4. $50,000 any one fire if not covered under general aggregate or if fire coverage if less under general aggregate.
  2. Automobile Liability Insurance covering any auto (including owned, hired and non-owned autos) with a minimum limit as follows: $1,000,000 each accident combined single limit. If applicable.

    The State of Colorado, Department of Higher Education, State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education for the use and benefit of Arapahoe Community College (ACC) shall be named as additional insured on the Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability Insurance policies. Coverage required of the contract will be primary over any insurance or self-insurance program carried by the State of Colorado.
    1. The Insurance shall include provisions preventing cancellation or non-renewal without at least 45 days prior notice to ACC by certified mail.
    2. The customer will require all insurance policies in any way related to the contract and secured and maintained by the customer to include clauses stating that each carrier will waive all rights of recovery, under subrogation or otherwise, against the State of Colorado, its agencies, institutions, organizations, officers, agents, employees and volunteers.
    3. All policies evidencing the insurance coverage’s required hereunder shall be issued by insurance companies satisfactory to ACC.
    4. The contractor shall provide certificates showing insurance coverage required by the contract to ACC within 7 business days of the effective date of the contract, but in no event later than the commencement of the services or delivery of the goods under the contract. No later than 15 days prior to the expiration date of any such coverage, the contractor shall deliver ACC certificates of insurance evidencing renewals thereof. At any time during the term of the contract, ACC may request in writing, and the contractor shall thereupon within 10 days supply to ACC, evidence satisfactory to ACC of compliance with the provisions of this section.
Addendum D PDF

Non-Commercial Expressive Activity on Campus by the General Public


The College recognizes that freedom of expression and assembly are important aspects of the educational experience. The College provides opportunities for discourse, debate, sharing of ideas, and other expressive activities while operating and maintaining an effective, safe and efficient institution of higher education. This protocol sets out how to make arrangements for use of publicly available outdoor spaces for expressive activity in a constitutionally protected manner consistent with the needs of the College to identify the appropriate time, place and manner for these activities in order to coordinate multiple uses of limited space, provide adequate services to support the campus, maintain the safety and appearance of the campus and preserve financial accountability.

College facilities are, first and foremost, for official College activities and authorized activities of recognized student groups and CCCS-affiliated entities.

Internal campus controlled streets and walkway are for public ingress and egress for activities open to the public, for public use in conjunction with reservations in accordance with this procedure and this protocols, and for official College activities and authorized Campus Community activities.

Publicly available outdoor space identified in this protocol is also available for assembly and expressive activity in accordance with law, System policy and procedure and this protocol.

Members of the Campus Community should arrange any use of publicly available outdoor space, whether for official/authorized College activities or for other expressive activities, through their campus contact.

Members of the general public wishing to use publicly available outside space shall make arrangements through Facilities Rental Coordinator.


This protocol sets out the College's protocols for use of publicly available outdoor spaces for expressive activity. This protocol does not apply to indoor space as those spaces are dedicated to official College activities, authorized uses by recognized student groups and CCCS-affiliated entities, and rentals under the College's protocol for facilities use. Solicitation and vending uses are governed by the College's protocol for solicitation and vending.


The following definitions apply for purposes of this protocol:

  1. Amplified sound means sound that is increased or enhanced by any electric, electronic, or mechanical means, including handheld devices such as megaphones and sound trucks. Other sound, specifically individual shouting or group chanting / singing is subject to general requirements concerning disruption of official College activities.
  2. Campus Community means employees, students, recognized student groups and CCCS-affiliated entities.
  3. Campus contact means the person through whom a member of the Campus Community arranges space for their official College activities and/or authorized activities in support of the College. For recognized student groups, this is Facility Rental Coordinator. For employees, this is Facility Rental Coordinator. For CCCS­ affiliated entities/ this is the employee through whom they make arrangements for activities in support of the CCCS mission.
  4. CCCS-affiliated entities means any foundation, partner, governmental agency or nonprofit service provider acting in support of the Colorado Community College System mission in accordance with prior approval by the System or College president or designees.
  5. College facilities means CCCS-owned and controlled buildings, grounds, space, property and other facilities including but not limited to residence halls, buildings and the space within and between buildings, parking lots, athletic facilities sidewalks, lawns/ fields, shelters, amphitheaters and all other spaces where events may be held, activities may take place, or that may require services.
  6. Expressive activity means the verbal or symbolic expression of an idea, thought or opinion and may include speeches, assembly, vigils, picketing, distribution of literature, displaying hand-held signs and other similar activities intended to communicate an idea or opinion. It does not include commercial soliciting and vending. For those interested in commercial solicitation and vending, please refer to the campus protocol for solicitation and vending.
  7. Official College activities means College or System activity undertaken by or under the authority of a College or System official within the scope of his or her duty as part of CCCS' mission.
  8. Literature means any printed non-commercial material that is produced for distribution or publication to an audience, including but not limited to flyers, handbills, leaflets, placards, bulletins, newspapers, and magazines, but does not include the College bulletins or newsletters or official College material. Distribution of commercial literature is governed by the College's solicitation and vending   protocol.
  9. Recognized student group means a student group recognized by the Student Life Office as an ACC Club or Organization.


The following provisions apply to the use of publicly available outdoor space for expressive activity.

  1. Those planning to engage in expressive activities as a group or individuals planning to engage in expressive activities intended to attract the attention of passers-by must reserve appropriate outdoor space for a proposed activity at least 24 hours in advance. Reservations, including expected number of attendees and the proposed manner in which the activity will be conducted assist in identifying an appropriate location and time, thus avoiding conflicts that could require rescheduling an activity and permit the College to evaluate necessary services and costs. Where an activity requires more than a nominal increase in services to accommodate the event, or results in damages, the additional costs of such services and/or damages may be assessed to the individual or group reserving the space.
  2. Space is available for reservation and activities only during the normal campus hours. To allow for a diversity of information and perspectives no one may reserve more than five consecutive days and fifteen days total for the semester.
  3. Upon arrival on the day of the reservation or activity, the individual making the reservation must check in with the facility [dot] rental [at] arapahoe [dot] edu (Facility Rental Coordinator).
  4. Persons must abide by all applicable laws, policies, procedures and protocols and not block or otherwise interfere with the free flow of vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic.
  5. Persons must not engage in activity that defames, is obscene, incites violence, or threatens physical harm.
  6. Persons must not obstruct, disrupt, interrupt, or attempt to force the cancellation of any event or activity.
  7. Persons shall comply with the directions of a College official or law enforcement officer acting in the performance of his or her duty.
  8. Amplification is not permitted unless prior arrangement has been made through the reservation process for the activity to take place at a time and place where the amplification will not interfere with official College activities or the space is being rented and the rental agreement provides for amplification. No individual or group will be permitted to use amplification that interferes with official College activities.
  9. Signs, images and demonstrative items or artwork used in connection with the activity must be hand-held. They may not be affixed to College facilities. No structures may be used or erected.
  10. Persons on campus may be required to provide picture identification and provide information regarding their status as a student or employee upon request.
  11. Campaign fundraising is not allowed.
  12. Candidates for public office may not use student groups to directly or indirectly secure the use of College facilities for free or at a reduced rate for campaigning in violation of law. Candidates may rent available facilities or solicitation or vending space in accordance with the College's protocol for facilities rental and protocol for solicitation and vending.
  13. To avoid the appearance that the College supports or opposes a particular candidate, ballot issue of referred measure, College facilities may not be used for collecting signatures for ballot initiatives, referred measures, or candidate petitions, except when the collector rents space in accordance with College protocol for facilities rental or protocol for solicitation and vending. Streets and sidewalks abutting campus property that are under the local government's jurisdiction are available for signature collection in accordance with Federal, State and local law.
  14. When College Facilities are reserved for an activity by a candidate or by a group or individual advocating for or against a candidate for an elected office, or a ballot issue or referred measure, a disclaimer  is required on printed material announcing the event and at the location that CCCS does not endorse the candidate, ballot issue or referred measure. Any opposing candidate or advocacy group will be offered a similar opportunity to reserve College Facilities.
  15. Distribution of Literature
    1. Distribution of non-commercial literature is considered an expressive activity and may take place by reservation in publicly available outdoor space identified for expressive activity in accordance with this protocol or in conjunction with a reservation of vending and solicitation space or a facilities rental. College property, such as parking lots and internal campus walkways and other outdoor spaces are for supporting official College activities and for authorized activities of the Campus Community and are not available to the general public for distribution of commercial or non-commercial literature. Streets and sidewalks abutting College property that are under a local government's jurisdiction are available for distribution of literature in accordance with Federal, State and local law.
    2. Those distributing literature may not continue to approach anyone who has indicated a lack of interest, follow or stop anyone, shout, or interfere with any person's progress.
    3. Those distributing literature should be considerate about collecting any litter that may be generated as a consequence of their distributions and are expected to collect literature that is left over or that is on the ground in the area in which it is distributed.
    4. Literature distributed on campus that contains the College's name or acronym in the organization's name or that contains any reference to being affiliated with the College, or references an activity as taking place at the College, must include the statement that the literature is not an official College publication and does not represent the views or official position of the College.

Publicly Available outdoor space

Publicly available outdoor space(s) are currently identified as available for reservation for expressive activity as follows:

  • Members of the general public and the Campus Community may reserve the following space(s). Outdoor areas as defined on the web and bound by sidewalks.
  • If the above-described space(s) is unsuitable for the proposed activity because of logistical, support services or safety concerns, the College will work with the requester to identify and reserve other suitable space on campus on a case-by-case basis.
  • In addition to the above space(s) available for reservation by members of the general public and the Campus Community for expressive conduct, students may assemble in groups of 25 or less for spontaneous expressive activity without a reservation, on college walkways and outdoor common areas, so long as they remain at least 50 feet from building entrances and otherwise conduct their expressive activities in a manner consistent with this protocol.

Refusal of a Reservation

The Facilities Rental Coordinator monitors and responds to requests to reserve space. When deemed appropriate by the Facilities Rental Coordinator, a requester may be asked to meet with the Facilities Rental Coordinator to clarify the request before a reservation is made so as to assist the requester to conform the request to the requirements of law, policy, procedure and this protocol and discuss time, place and manner considerations for effective communication that protects the safety of the requester, the Campus Community and any visitors. The Facilities Rental Coordinator may refuse a reservation request for the following reasons:

  1. Conflict with an earlier request to reserve the same space and time.
  2. Failure to conform to the requirements of law, CCCS policy, procedure or this protocol.
  3. The requested space is being used for an official College activity or previously reserved use.
  4. An adjacent space is being used for an official College activity or a previously reserved use that renders the requested space unsuitable for the proposed activity.
  5. The request form is incomplete.
  6. The request alone or cumulatively with other requests exceeds more than fifteen days in a semester or is for more than five consecutive days.
  7. Lack of resources necessary to support an activity in a manner that preserves College facilities and protects the safety of the campus.
  8. Refusal of a reservation may not be based on the viewpoint of the proposed activity.

Request for Review of Refusal of a Reservation

If a request for a reservation is refused by the Facilities Rental Coordinator, the requester may request review of the refusal by the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services. The Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services’ decision is final.

Cancellation of an Activity

Activities that commence without a reservation may need to be moved or cancelled if the size and nature of the event cannot be accommodated without jeopardizing the safe and orderly operations of the campus or a previously scheduled use. If an activity attracts more attendees than can be effectively managed by available staff and/or resources, or is otherwise occurring in a manner that fails to observe this Protocol, a College official acting in the performance of his or her duty shall determine appropriate action up to and including directing individuals in violation of this protocol to leave campus or cancelling the activity and directing participants to disperse. Any participant who fails to leave campus or disperse after having been requested to do so by a College official or law enforcement officer acting in the performance of his or her duty may be subject to arrest and/or issued a no trespass order. Students and employees also may be subject to discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion for students and dismissal or termination for employees.

This Protocol provides operational directives that interpret Board Policies and System President Procedures. It does not create, nor shall be construed to create, an express or implied contract or a guarantee or promise of any specific process, procedures, practice or benefit. To the extent that any provision of this Protocol is inconsistent with Federal or State law, State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Policies (BPs) or Colorado Community College System President's Procedures (SPs), the law, BPs and SPs, shall, in that order, take precedence, supersede and control. BPs and SPs are subject to change throughout the year and are effective immediately upon adoption by the Board or System President, respectively. The College reserves the right to modify, change, delete or add to this Protocol as it deems appropriate.

*Version date: 11-23-16

Addendum E PDF

Facility Rental Exterior Facility Agreement Form

Addendum E


  • The applicant, in signing this agreement, agrees to adhere to all rules, policies, and regulations of Arapahoe Community College with respect to the proper care of the facilities and equipment used.
  • There will be no overnight parking or camping at ACC. 
  • The Applicant will leave the site in the condition and configuration it was found in. 
  • All additional charges will be billed to Applicant after the event.
    If the box is checked these additional requirements must be met:
  • If ACC has requested the user to complete the South Metro Fire Rescue Plan Review and Permitting process, they must comply with the procedures outlined in Addendum F.
  • The Applicant will provide portable restroom(s) and hand washing station(s).
  • The Applicant will remove all trash and dispose of it off-campus.
Addendum E PDF

South Metro Fire Rescue - Plan Review & Permitting Agreement

Addendum F

If the box is checked Then Arapahoe Community College has requested the client to work with South Metro Fire Department regarding permit requirements for their event. The applicant must complete the South Metro Fire Rescue Plan Review and Permitting process as outlined below:

  • The applicant, in signing this agreement, agrees to adhere to all rules, policies, and regulations of Arapahoe Community College and South Metro Fire Rescue - Plan Review and Permitting regulations.
  • The applicant will complete the Electronic Plan Review & Permitting Instructions outlined below the signature line.
  • The applicant will submit a copy of the documents submitted to South Metro Fire with the following stamp: approved, denied, or no permit required to Arapahoe Community College as evidence of successful completion of Addendum F.
  • Arapahoe Community College and South Metro Fire Rescue have the right to close down an event early for failure to comply with the permitting process without issuing a refund
Addendum F PDF