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Campus Police

Lost and Found

Parking Pass

Bicycles on Campus


Campus Police on the Littleton Campus maintains a lost and found service. If you have lost something, please submit a lost item report or contact our office:

Littleton Campus
Campus Police Room: M2630
Phone: 303.797.5800 or 303.797.5629

Parker and Castle Rock campuses: Please see the front desk to inquire about lost and found items.

*Student parking fees have been waived for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. You do not need a pass.


We encourage you to use your bike at ACC as a means of alternative transportation.
Lock it up! Campus Police will loan you a lock for the day if you need one.

  • Please comply with bicycle regulations and State bicycle laws. 
  • Cyclists riding on campus streets and parking lots must obey posted speed limits and traffic devices.
  • Do not ride on campus sidewalks.
  • Use bike racks to park your bike.
  • Parked bicycles that create safety hazards may be impounded.
  • Do not lock your bike to a tree, shrub or building.
  • Bicycles are not permitted in campus buildings.

Daily Crime Log

As required under federal law, Arapahoe Community College Police maintains a daily crime log (police blotter). This log is available at the Arapahoe Community Police Department located at the Littleton Campus which is normally updated each business day and contains all crimes reported to Arapahoe Community College Police. The daily crime log is a secondary means of distributing information to the Arapahoe Community College community about crimes and crime trends on campus. The Crime Log entry includes all crimes reported to the Arapahoe Community College Police that occur within the Arapahoe Community College jurisdiction. The log records the nature, date and time reported, date and time occurred, general location and disposition of each offense. Hard copies of the last 60 days of the daily crime log can be obtained at the Littleton Campus during dispatch hours, or a copy of this log may be requested by emailing the Records Custodian at campus [dot] police [at] arapahoe [dot] edu.

Get the ACC Alert App

Get the ACC Alert app and get access to emergency notifications, safety tips and tools, emergency plans, student resources and more.

Download the ACC Alert App!

Lockdown: Locks, Lights, Out of Sight

  • Lock interior doors
  • Turn out the lights
  • Stay out of sight
  • Maintain silence
  • Do not open the door 
  • Prepare to evade or defend

Lockout: Secure the Perimeter

  • Remain inside 
  • If outside, leave area
  • Business as usual
  • Increase situational awareness

Evacuate: To an Announced Location

  • Evacuate to the announced location
  • Bring your phone
  • Leave your stuff behind
  • Follow instructions

Shelter: Hazard and Safety Strategy

Hazard - Tornado
Safety Strategy - Shelter

Hazard - HAZMAT
Safety Strategy - Shelter - Seal your room