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Meet our ACC Campus Police officers – Mitch and Caleb

Officers Mitchell Manthey (left) and Caleb Storey (right)

You’ve seen them around campus, but just in case you haven’t met them, we'd like to introduce two of our ACC Campus Police officers – Mitchell Manthey and Caleb Storey.

Meet Mitchell Manthey

Mitch has been an officer with the ACC Campus Police department for seven years. He attended the ACC Law Enforcement Academy and earned an associate degree (Criminal Justice) from Waukesha County Technical College.

He states that helping others and delivering quality customer service to the ACC community are his favorite parts of the job. Mitch encourages drivers resist the urge to act on road rage, as well as for those who own firearms to ensure that they are safely locked away to prevent children from gaining access to them (Colorado has recently criminalized the unsafe storage of firearms).

More about Mitch:

  • ACC PD Life Saving Award (2022)

  • ACC PD Distinguished Service Award (2022)

  • Enjoys playing with his son

  • Likes to shop at Costco

  • Enjoys a good bike ride every now and then

Meet Caleb Storey

Caleb has been a Police Officer Intern at ACC for one year. A graduate of the ACC Law Enforcement Academy (Associate of Applied Science degree in Law Enforcement), he enjoys talking to – and working with – everyone in the ACC community.

Caleb’s favorite memory as an ACC Campus Police officer was when he moved from part time to full time status. He advises students, employees and visitors to campus to log out when walking away from their computers/laptops for any amount of time. Caleb also suggests double checking for personal belongings (wallets, handbags, backpacks, mobile devices) before moving from one area of campus to another.

More about Caleb:

  • Enjoys music

  • Football and baseball enthusiast

  • Huge fan of Star Wars

  • Loves Marvel and DC Comics superheroes

Next time you see Mitch and Caleb, make sure to say hello!

Pictured: Officers Mitchell Manthey (left) and Caleb Storey (right)