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Law Enforcement Academy

Move Mountains to serve and protect your community with an Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate in Law Enforcement from Arapahoe Community College.

Arapahoe Community College LEA Students

Our Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) is a POST certified basic academy for entry into law enforcement. We have 700+ hours of instruction and 40 college credit hours. Staff consists of 80 subject matter experts from multiple agencies throughout Colorado that serve in an active public safety role. LEA serves self-sponsored and agency sponsored cadets in a para-military and law enforcement squad room environment. We offer 4 full-time academies and 1 part-time academy to meet the needs of your schedule. Our reputation within the law enforcement community for providing quality graduates is unrivaled! If your calling is to serve and protect mankind, then the ACC LEA program is for you!

David Bruce
Law Enforcement Academy
david.bruce [at]
Kayla Maestas
Administrative Assistant
Law Enforcement Academy
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What You'll Learn

The Law Enforcement Academy at ACC will help you develop a variety of skills to help you with your career in law enforcement or criminal justice. Once you complete your program, you’ll be able to:

  • Show leadership skills
  • Apply critical thinking skills
  • Display effective oral and written communication skills
  • Discuss how the criminal justice system works
  • Explain individual right, constitutional rights, and due process procedures

CIP 430103 (CJLE)

The Law Enforcement A.A.S. Degree is designed for students who completed or plan to complete Arapahoe Community College's Law Enforcement Academy and are seeking a career in Law Enforcement. This program prepares students to be employed in law enforcement at departments requiring a two-year college degree.

Admission Requirements

General Education Courses (15 credit hours)
  • Any of the following for 3 more credits: CIS 118, ENG 131, SOC 102, any foreign language course 111, 112, 211, or 212, or PED *

* PED 102 and PED 110 are courses completed as part of the LEA cohort. Students not yet admitted to LEA must wait to take these courses during LEA.

Required Criminal Justice Courses (9 credit hours)
3 Credits
Law Enforcement Academy Courses (38 credit hours)
3 Credits

These courses will be completed through ACC's Law Enforcement Academy. Upon review and permission of the Program Coordinator, successful completion of Law Enforcement Academy at another institution may serve as an equivalent and may be transferred to ACC for course credit.

Total: 62 credit hours

CIP 430107 (LEA)

The Law Enforcement Academy is a P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified program accredited through the Colorado P.O.S.T. Board. The Law Enforcement Academy is basic training for law enforcement officers and enables graduates to take the P.O.S.T. certification test to become certified as peace officers in Colorado. The ACC Academy program consists of 40 semester credit hours consisting of 700+ contact hours involving lecture, practical exercises, skills training and fitness. This program exceeds the hours required by P.O.S.T. for a Basic Law Enforcement Academy and includes the P.O.S.T. written exam following graduation.

Students must possess current CPR and First Aid Certifications (included in the program) in order to sit for the P.O.S.T. exam. Due to the Intensity and format of the classes in the academy no electives are required or recommended during the Academy program.

Admission Requirements

The Law Enforcement Academy requires an additional application process, including but not limited to:

  • a personal advising interview with a member of the Academy staff
  • a criminal background check prior to acceptance and enrollment
  • A High School Diploma, G.E.D or equivalent
  • Current and valid Colorado driver's license.
  • ENG 121 or higher or assessed to be at college-level English (see Student Resources and Services - Assessment in this Catalog)
  • Ability to legally possess firearms
  • No criminal history of any Felonies or any Misdemeanor specified in 24-31-305(1.5) (b) through (h), C.R.S.

For more information, please contact the Law Enforcement Academy Program in Room N1170 or at 303.797.5793.

Total: 40 credit hours

Job Potential

Our standard academy program focuses on the P.O.S.T. basic law enforcement requirements for entry level law enforcement officers. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for your P.O.S.T. written exam and for a job as a:

Instruction Methods and Practical Experience

Learn from instructors currently working in law enforcement who are experts in their field. You will discover current trends, information and best practices from these experts.

Instruction methods include practical exercises and use of state of the art simulators during training. Emphasis is on tactical and practical exercises to enhance your academic knowledge. This includes:.

  • 50 hours of learning law enforcement emergency vehicle operation
  • 66 hours of arrest control techniques, including use of force, restraints, and de-escalation of force.
  • 72 hours of firearms training, including safety, maintenance, shooting in dim light and tactical exercises designed to simulate reality by using a laser firearms training simulator (MILO), moving targets and search procedures along with practical application and live fire at the range.
  • 40 hours of high-risk patrol officer situations, including stopping vehicles, handling domestic disputes, conducting searches of buildings and mock crime scene investigations.
  • 60 hours of physical training to build stamina and endurance in order to prepare for the stresses and physical demands of a law enforcement career.

Application Process

  1. Apply to ACC
  2. Apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF)
  3. Apply for Financial Aid
  4. Apply to the Law Enforcement Academy (Application Packet)
  5. Complete a Certified Criminal Background Check – including criminal history. Use code RS45. Fees apply.
  6. A copy of your current Colorado Driver's License
  7. A copy of your High School Diploma or GED
  8. College Placement Test Scores or evidence of passing English 121. (Information and requirements for the college placement test)
  9. If you have a college degree or have attended college, an unofficial copy of your college transcript
  10. A copy of your DD214 if serving or have served in the military
  11. Schedule an interview with the Academy staff - A NON-REFUNDABLE $30.00 interview / application fee must be paid to the cashier's office and a receipt returned to academy office prior to your interview. The deposit slip will be obtained from the academy staff.
  • Once you have completed your application packet, received S Number and received results from your background check, schedule an interview with the ACC Law Enforcement Academy Staff. Call the Academy Office at 303.797.5793 to make an appointment.
  • Bring your file of completed forms and information with you to your interview

 Once you have completed your interview with the Academy Staff and it has been determined that you are a good candidate for the Academy, you will be offered a place in one of the classes. You must pay a $100.00 fee to hold your place in the class. This is later applied towards tuition and will be refunded if you are unable to attend. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis.