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Tuition & Fees

Arapahoe Community College is proud to provide one of the lowest tuition rates in Colorado. We offer affordable, high-quality education to help you Move Mountains! In addition to low tuition rates, we offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities to keep the costs even lower.

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Tuition rates below are per one (1) credit hour and 15 credit hours. The average course at ACC is 3 credit hours (though it varies by course). Full-time attendance is at least 12 credit hours. View our Course Schedules page for more information about how ACC's courses are offered. *Rates in the table below do not include fees. 

Course Type Colorado Resident
with COF
1 credit / 15 credits
Colorado Resident
without COF
1 credit / 15 credits
1 credit / 15 credits
WUE Non-Resident Tuition*
1 credit / 15 credits
On Campus $164.20/ $2463.00 $280.20/ $4203.00 $673.90/ $10,108.50 $246.30/
ACC Online $269.75/ $4046.25 $385.75/ $5786.25 $411.30/ $6169.50 $411.30/ $6169.50
CCCS Online $269.75/ $4046.25 $385.75/ $5786.25 $411.30/ $6169.50 $411.30/ $6169.50
BAS - Advanced Paramedic Practitioner $269.75/ $4046.25 $385.75/ $5786.25 $411.30/ $6169.50 $411.30/ $6169.50
BAS - Emergency Service Administration $269.75/ $4046.25 $385.75/ $5786.25 $411.30/ $6169.50 $411.30/ $6169.50
BAS - Health Information Management $269.75/ $4046.25 $385.75/ $5786.25 $411.30/ $6169.50 $411.30/ $6169.50
Bachelor of Science Nursing $374.85/ $5622.75 $490.85/ $7362.75 $475.50/ $7132.50 $475.50/ $7132.50


View a complete list of 2023-2024 Tuition & Fees per credit hour up to 15 credit hours.

*ACC WUE Application

2023-2024 Fees

Variable Fees

* Board-approved fees, subject to change.

Fee Type Fee Amount by Credit Hour Max Fee Amount
Student Activity Fee
(Helps finance student activities and organizations)
$4.75 $57.00
Building Bond Fee
(Pays for maintenance of student space, equipment, and resources at ACC campuses)
$8.35 $100.20

Fixed Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount per Semester
Registration Fee
(Helps defray the cost of registration)
Health and Wellness Fee
(Supports student membership at ACC Fitness Center and expanded mental health services)

Additional Charges

Program charges may apply for specific courses. The charges listed below are not an exhaustive list of other charges you may incur. Once you have registered you can view your charges by

Going to myACC / student finance / view monthly statement or billing notices. This will take you to an account overview – click on activity details.

Fee Type Fee Amount
Nursing courses (Colorado resident) - for on-campus / traditional and ACC Online courses $82.85 per credit hour
Nursing courses (Colorado resident) - for CCC Online courses $76.95 per credit hour
Nursing Courses (non-resident) Assessed an additional $15.45 per credit hour
Nursing Courses (non-resident) - CCCS Online $15.45 per credit hour
Malpractice Insurance in specified trade courses
(course dependent)
High-cost and medium-cost course fees $8.45 per credit hour
MyPaymentPlan $30.00 per agreement
International Wire Charge $20 per wire transfer
Non-sufficient Funds Charge – Checks $20 for each returned check
Non-sufficient Funds Charge - ACH Transfers $20 for each returned ACH Transfer

Parking Fee - Any motor vehicle parked in a parking lot at any ACC campus must display a valid parking permit or pass.

  • Parking Fee - $25.00 per semester or $40.00 per year
    • Allows student parking in ACC lots.
    • Fee is $25.00 FALL Semester - May 15 - December 31
    • Fee is $25.00 SPRING Semester - January 1 – August 15
    • OR Fee is $40.00 Annual Parking Pass - July 1 - August 15 of the following year
    • Summer is included in all 3 permit types - Fall, Spring, and Annual
  • Pay online through Cashnet - Paying here allows you to select from two options: pick up your pass or have the pass mailed to you. Passes purchased here will not reflect on your student ledger. Print/Save your payment confirmation.
  • Login to myACC and: 
    • Go to the “Student Finance” page
    • Go to Payment Options and Refunds section (in the left column) and click on “Pay with Credit Card – Optional Purchases”
    • Select the parking pass option you would like and select “Add to Payment” and then pay. Paying here does not allow a mailing option to be selected. Passes purchased here will show on your student account.
    • Print/Save your payment confirmation

$25.00 per semester OR
$40.00 per year


Cashier's Office
cashier [dot] acc [at] arapahoe [dot] edu (cashier[dot]acc[at]arapahoe[dot]edu)
Room M2300