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AP 3-10b Employment Practices for Instructors

Arapahoe Community College
Series 3 – College Personnel
AP 3-10b Employment Practices for Instructors

Originated: August 2017

Revised: September 2022; April 2023

Effective: February 1, 2023; April 2023

References: BP 3-10BP 3-80; SP 3-10b

Approved by Dr. Stephanie J. Fujii, ACC President


The definition of CCCS Instructor is included in BP-3-10 Administration of Personnel.


This document establishes ACC processes and guidelines for implementing SP 3-10b Employment Practices for Instructors. Also related are BP 3-10 – Administration of Personnel and BP 3-80 Faculty and Instructor Workload. Nothing in this Procedure is intended to create (nor shall be construed as creating) an express or implied contract or to guarantee employment for any term. The College reserves the right to modify, change, delete or add to this Procedure as it deems appropriate. To the extent that any provision of this Procedure is inconsistent with State or Federal law, State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Policies (BPs) or Colorado Community College System Procedures (SPs), the law, BPs and SPs shall supersede and control. BPs and SPs are subject to change throughout the year and are effective immediately upon adoption by the Board or System Chancellor, respectively. Employees are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the BPs, SPs as well as College directives, including but not limited to this Procedure.

Employment Practices

  1. Instructional Chairs and Directors with oversight of the Deans and in coordination with Human Resources maintain responsibility for the recruitment, qualification, and selection of instructors within their discipline/program. Refer to AP 3-10 Employment Selection Procedure for hiring process information.
  2. The ACC Faculty & Instructor Qualifications Manual describes the minimum qualification requirements and verification process for teaching general education, developmental and career & technical education courses.
  3. Instructor classroom observations are conducted during the first term of employment for each new instructor. After that, instructors are observed in the classroom annually or more often as appropriate. The Instructional Chair/Director, Dean, Provost/Vice President of Instruction or designated full-time faculty member can complete classroom observations. Instructors shall be provided with student evaluations and classroom observation information. The Classroom Observation Form and the Online Classroom Observation Form are available in myACC under / Faculty-Instructor / Faculty Forms / Evaluation and Hiring.
  4. BP 3-80 Faculty and Instructor Workload describes the maximum teaching assignment for instructors and faculty as well as the policy for approving exceptions to the 21-credit hour limit.


  1. Instructor pay rates (Level 1 through Level 3) are updated annually and published via the FLAC Pay Rates Faculty Overloads & Instructor document.

  2. Progression from Level 1 through Level 3 is described in the Instructor Advancement Program guidelines.

  3. Compensation for payment of additional duties outside of direct instruction is managed by the supervising chair / director and must be approved in advance by the corresponding school Dean or Provost / Vice President of Instruction.

Representation and Participation

  1. Instructors may participate as official members on college and discipline related committees. Instructors participating on committees as representatives of fellow instructors will be compensated at the standard Instructor hourly pay rate and is published via the FLAC Pay Rates Faculty Overloads & Instructor document.
  2. Instructors will be included on all notifications of college events and professional development opportunities through the All-Instruction email list and the ACC Instruction SharePoint.
    1. Professional Development opportunities that are eligible for Instructor compensation will be approved in advance by the Provost / Vice President of Instruction and will be clearly designated in campus communications and event notifications.
    2. Instructors may be requested to apply the concepts learned and submit artifacts from their work prior to compensation.  Additional compensation will be allocated for the time spent applying learning outcomes.
    3. Instructors must submit evidence of completion of professional development, including requested artifacts through the Professional Development Instructor Request for pay form. Instructors must complete the full professional development and required activities before requesting payment.
  3. The Instructor Council (IC) has been established to provide a forum for the representation of Instructors at ACC. The chair of the Instructor Council is a member of the Learning Leadership Team. If the chair is not available to attend Learning Leadership Team meetings, the IC may appoint an alternative representative.  IC representatives will be compensated at the standard Instructor hourly pay rate for their time participating in Instructor Council and Learning Leadership Team activities.  
  4. The chair of the IC will serve on the system-wide instructor advisory council as the ACC representative. See SP 3-10b Employment Practices for Instructors for details on compensation.

Revising this Procedure

ACC reserves the right to change any provision or requirement of this procedure at any time and the change shall become effective immediately.