Services for Students

  • Student ID Cards: Get your Student ID Card at the Campus Police office. Student ID Card/Parking Permit forms are available in Room M2630 or download Student ID/Parking Permit Form (pdf). Students must be present for a photo and provide one of the following forms of identification: driver's license; Colorado ID card; valid U.S. passport; foreign passport w/photo; military ID/common access card. A Student ID Card serves as your ACC Library card and is required to use the Fitness Center, computer labs, admittance to some college activities, the Instructional Computer Center and to sell books back to the Bookstore. A valid Student ID Card may also entitle you to a student discount at select businesses.
  • *Parking Permits: Any motor vehicle parked in the ACC Littleton Campus, Art and Design Center and ACC Parker Campus parking lots must display a valid parking permit or pass. Parking permits are purchased at the Cashier's Office and then issued at the Campus Police office. The cost for a parking permit is $11.05 per semester; all permits expire at the end of each semester.  You may also purchase your parking permit at the Parker Campus. Students must be registered for classes for the current or upcoming semester. Student ID Card/Parking Permit forms are available in Room M2630 or download Student ID/Parking Permit Form (pdf). Fitness Center members can purchase permits at the Fitness Center. Community Education students will have their permits mailed to them.

*NOTICE:  Students must purchase their parking permits at the Cashier's Office before coming to the Campus Police office (M2630) to obtain one.  You may also purchase your parking permit at the Parker Campus.

Parking enforcement begins September 1st.

  • Safety Escort Service: When walking on campus during the evening hours, you are encouraged to walk with another person and use well-lighted and well-traveled routes. Don't hesitate to ask for help or a safety escort if a situation makes you feel afraid or threatened. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is a legitimate reason for contacting the Police Department.
  • Motorist Assistance: The Department offers jump-starts for dead batteries and "unlocks" if you lose or leave your keys inside your car.
  • Emergency Contact Service: A Police Officer can deliver emergency messages to students in class. We evaluate messages to determine if they warrant interrupting a class. To request an emergency message, call 303.797.5800.
  • Lockers: You can rent a locker each semester in the Campus Police Office for $10. Lockers are located in the Main building on the first floor by the cafeteria and the bookstore, on the third floor, and in the Main Building Annex on the first floor. Lockers in the Fitness Center may be used while you are in the Center, but you must supply a lock and remove it after using the Fitness Center. 
  • Lost and Found: Lost and Found service is maintained in the Campus Police office. Items turned in are kept for 60 days. Check with our office often if you have lost something. Proper identification on your valuables helps us return your property to you faster. For assistance, call 303.797.5629 or 303.797.5800, or visit Room M2630.
  • Bicycles on Campus: We encourage you to use your bike at ACC as a means of alternative transportation.
    • Please comply with City of Littleton bicycle regulations and State bicycle laws.
    • Cyclists riding on campus streets and parking lots must obey posted speed limits and traffic devices.
    • Do not ride on campus sidewalks.
    • Use the racks to park your bike.
      • Parked bicycles that create safety hazards may be impounded.
      • Do not lock your bike to a tree, shrub or building.
      • Bicycles are not permitted in campus buildings.

Need more information?  Please contact:

Nancy Stokvis
Phone: 303.797.5844