Parking Violations/Fines

Parking a vehicle outside a legal space, occupying two spaces or parking parallel in an area not authorized for parallel parking. Class A. (8A09)

Parking a vehicle on sidewalks or in crosswalks or landscaped areas, obstructing areas necessary for vehicular movement (e.g. thoroughfares, driveways, parking lot aisles), along yellow curbs or striped areas, in posted areas prohibiting parking, or any other area not designated as a legal space. CRS 42.4 1204 Class A. (8A03)

  • Unauthorized parking of a vehicle in a reserved space or area. Class B. (8A06)
  • Parking within 5 feet of a driveway. CRS 42.4 1204 Class A. (8A07)
  • Parking overtime in a loading/unloading zone – more than fifteen (15) minutes. Class A. (8A08) (Multiple citations may be issued)
  • Double-parking of a vehicle. Class A. (8A10)
  • Parking a vehicle in a tow away zone. Class C. (8A11) (Subject to immediate towing.)
  • Parking a vehicle or blocking a fire lane. Class C. (8A12) (Subject to immediate towing.)
  • Forging or altering a parking permit or using such forged permit or decal. Class C. (8A13)
  • Unauthorized use of a vehicle, which is decaled as handicapped. Unauthorized use occurs when a non-handicapped individual operates a handicap decaled vehicle and parks or stands the vehicle in a designated handicap parking space. CRS 42.4 1208(b) Class C. (8A14)
  • Parking overnight on campus facilities. C.R.S. 42.4 1204(f) Class B. (8A19)
  • Parking a vehicle in any campus lot for which the displayed permit is not valid or using a permit without current student or staff status (8A22), failure to display a permit (8A15), or failure to display a permit properly. Class A. (8A17)
  • Using an altered, counterfeit, lost or stolen permit or obtained based on false information. Class C. (8A13)

Paying Fines

You can pay your fine by mail using the instructions on the back of the citation envelope. DO NOT PAY CITATIONS BY MAIL WITH CASH. Make checks payable to Arapahoe Community College. To ensure proper crediting, include the citation number and student ID number with payment. Send payment to:

Arapahoe Community College Campus Police

5900 S. Santa Fe Drive - PO Box 9002
Littleton, C0 80160-9002

If a fine is not paid or an appeal is not filed within 30 days after issuance of a citation, the fine shall double. Unpaid citations are sent to a collection agency.

Appealing a Citation

After receiving a parking citation, you have seven days to submit an appeal. Appeal forms are available in the Campus Police office, Room M2600 or Parking Violation Appeals form (PDF 62 KB).

Bring the completed form to the Campus Police Department or email to Fill out the form completely and legibly. Give as much detail as possible about why you feel the citation should be dismissed. You must sign and date the form or it will not be sent to the hearing officer. The result will be sent to you by mail or email.

The appeal can have one of these dispositions:

  • Citation is dismissed with no fine due
  • Citation is upheld but the fine amount is reduced
  • Citation is upheld and the total amount is due

Delinquent Parking Violations

If a parking violation citation has not been paid or appealed within 30 days, the fine will double. Following the delinquent date, two reminder notices of the violation will be mailed to the vehicle operator or owner. This is a courtesy reminder only. Failure to receive it, for any reason, does not constitute cause for dismissing the violation. Citations left unpaid will be sent to a collection agency.