Firearms and Drug Policy

Possessing unauthorized firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, and/or other dangerous weapons or instruments resembling them, which may cause fear/alarm in or harass another person within or upon the grounds, buildings, or other facilities of the College or at any College-sponsored or supervised function or event is prohibited.  (Please refer to SBCCOE Board President's Policy BP 19-10 and CCCS System President's Procedure SP 19-10.  Copies may be obtained in the Student Affairs Office or online at

Any person(s) in violation of this regulation shall be subject to College disciplinary action and subject to referral to the Littleton Municipal Court or Arapahoe County District Court.

ACC is an alcohol and drug free campus.

ACC Alcohol and Drug Free Policy As set forth in local, State and Federal laws, and the rules and regulations of the College, the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on campus-controlled property is strictly prohibited.

All drug and alcohol laws are vigorously enforced.

Drug Free Policy Arapahoe Community College policy prohibits the sale, manufacture, distribution, use or possession of illegal drugs on the College campus. This policy applies to faculty, staff and students.

Disciplinary Sanctions Through disciplinary procedures, the College will impose sanctions upon students and employees who unlawfully use, possess, sell or distribute drugs or unlawfully use or abuse alcohol on college property, or as part of any College employment or activity. Depending on the circumstances, these sanctions may range from a warning, to a maximum of expulsion or termination of employment. Students and employees who violate the College's regulations are also subject to referral by the Campus Police Department for criminal prosecution in the Littleton Municipal Court or Arapahoe County District Court.

For more information, contact Police Chief Joseph Morris at or 303.797.5800.