Emergency Response and Evacuation

Emergency Response and Evacuation

  • An Emergency Desk Reference is posted near each phone on campus containing instructions on what to do in various emergencies.  A printed copy is available upon request. 
  • In any emergency, the first step is to take care of yourself.
  • Employees should inform others about weather-safe zones and emergency exits.
  • Persons with disabilities who need assistance during an emergency should arrange with volunteers from their classes or offices for assistance.
  • A person with a disability may request an appointment to review emergency evacuation procedures from the Office of Disability Services (Room M2710; 303.797.5937).

Areas of Rescue Assistance are located on the third and fourth floors of the Littleton campus main building. They have an alert button and speaker that communicates directly to the Police Department.

  • In case of emergency or incident, call Campus Police at 303.797.5800 or 303.797.5911.
  • If no answer, call 911. Answer all questions you are asked and follow all instructions.

Evacuation Procedure

If the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building. Move quickly in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit and continue to a safe distance from the building (approximately 100 yards).

  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Keep clear of emergency vehicles.
  • Stay with the group from your area or with your class.
  • Stay out of the building until you hear the "ALL CLEAR".
  • Floor marshals wearing orange vests are available to direct you.
  • Building floor maps are posted by stairwells, elevators and in classrooms.

Shelter-in-Place Procedure

If notified via PA system, bull horn, email, text message, in person or your own observations to shelter-in-place, you should

  • Put distance between you and the danger
  • Get into a room and lock the door-classrooms lock automatically
  • Stay in the room until you hear "All Clear" form someone in authority
  • Ignore the fire alarm in a shelter-in-place situation
  • An evacuation notice will follow if that is the course of action to take
  • Staging areas are in the middle of the parking lots furthest away for the buildings
  • Be prepared to move further away if instructed or if needed

Evacuation and Shelter-in-place procedure will be publicized each semester and throughout campus including the ACC website.

Alert Campus Community-Immediate Warning of Emergency

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