Elevate at ACC

Elevate at ACC logoElevate at ACC is an inclusive post-secondary transition option for students which includes:

  • Student-centered planning
  • Internship opportunities
  • Peer mentoring
  • Career planning
  • Self-determination and goal-setting assistance
  • Individualized academic planning
  • Campus life involvement
  • Independent living skill development
  • Community partnership opportunities

All Elevate at ACC students partner with the Elevate at ACC Coordinator who works with students to draft and implement an individual program of study. Specific courses are determined based on skills and competencies needed for students to achieve identified academic and employment goals. Develop and enhance your academic skills, plan for your career, gain job skills, make lasting friendships, open up possibilities, and much, much more!


Earning a degree or certificate can start your path as a lifelong learner, bridge to other degree-bearing programs, or provide you with skills for employment.

Elevate at ACC Student Learning Outcomes:

Through campus, classroom and workplace experiences, students will have increased independence, self-determination and competence in:

  1. Setting and communicating long and short-term goals;
  2. Identifying and developing transferable and marketable occupational and job attainment skills;
  3. Critical thinking skills including self-reflection of learning and information gathering and analysis.

Elevate at ACC courses build on common themes of self-advocacy, college and workplace readiness and community engagement to develop student's personal and professional skills. Employment services are integrated into the Elevate at ACC curriculum and individualized internships are offered. Career services begin early in the program. Career services begin right away!


Participants must:

  • Desire to attain a career
  • Desire to attend and participate in a community college experience
  • Have a documented intellectual or developmental disability
  • Be able to attend to personal care needs or provide a personal care attendant
  • Remain an active participant throughout the length of Elevate at ACC
  • Be able, after an initial orientation and training, to safely and independently navigate campus

Elevate at ACC Community Collaboration

Elevate at ACC partners with local community, state agencies and public schools.

Application and Deadlines

Applying to Elevate at ACC: Please make an appointment with the Student Access Services Department (SAS) for an informational session.

Tuition and Fees

Standard tuition & fees apply to Elevate at ACC. Visit our Tuition and Fees page for more information. The Elevate at ACC participants may be eligible for Financial Aid if students are pursuing a degree or certificate which is eligible for Financial Aid. Please note that some certificates are not Financial Aid eligible. If students audit coursework, Financial Aid is not available. Please contact Student Access Services if you have any questions about Financial Aid eligibility or need assistance with completing the application process.


Specific courses, activities and internships are determined based on skills and competencies needed for students to achieve identified employment goals. A Career Counselor works with the student, Elevate at ACC Coordinator, the student’s family, and community partners to facilitate reaching the student’s employment goals.

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Jennifer Dena, M.S.
Elevate at ACC Coordinator
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Charity Aymami
Elevate Academic Support Professional

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Elevate Academic Support Assistant