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Would you like to schedule a D2L training session with eLearning? Call us at 303.797.5080 to schedule a one-on-one training session. You can also email us at: If you would like to attend our upcoming workshops or webinars, visit our Training Opportunities page.

D2L Documentation:

Brightspace by D2L is the learning management system used at ACC to offer mainly Online and Hybrid courses. All other courses also have an online component in D2L where you can find course materials such as the syllabus, handouts and even look up your current grades. We have developed a Student Quick Start Guide that will help you get started in D2L.

Below is a detailed list of documents and tutorial videos:

  • Course announcements PDF - Learn more about the news tool which is used by your instructor to publish course announcements. You will see this on the homepage of the course. (Watch Video)
  • How to access and view content PDF  - The Content section in D2L is where you usually find all the materials for your online course. This may be designed by weeks, modules or units. View this document to learn where to find the Content section and how to navigate in it. (Watch Video)
  • Submitting an assignment PDF - The Dropbox in D2L is where you can submit your assignments. Your instructor usually sets up a Dropbox folder and provides instructions. View this document to learn how to submit your assignment or paper in the Dropbox so that your instructor can receive it online. (Watch Video)
  • View feedback on Turnitin PDF - Some instructors provide detailed feedback using the Grademark tool in Turnitin. Turnitin is a plagiarism detection site that is integrated with D2L. Check with your instructor if they use this feature to provide feedback. (Watch Video)
  • View your grades PDF - View all your current grades in your online course. This document guides you through the process of accessing the Grades section in D2L to view all your current grades. (Watch Video)
  • Classlist PDF - The classlist is where you can see a list of everyone enrolled in the course with you. This is the easiest place to send emails in D2L, view user profiles and send page messages. (Watch Video)
  • View your attendance PDF - Provided your instructor is using the Attendance tool available in D2L, you can keep a track of your attendance online. This is mainly used in traditional courses that have an online D2L component. (Watch Video)
  • Self registration PDF - This document explains how to self-register for the D2L self-paced student orientation. (Watch Video)
  • User Progress PDF - Track your course progress in D2L using the view progress tool. This document explains where to find and how to use the tool. (Watch Video)

Other Resources:

One major benefit of being an ACC student is the number of free services available to help you on your road to success. ACC provides a wealth of resources designed to make your time here exceptional. Take advantage of all the ways we can help you move mountains.

Student Support Services

Is your computer ready for an Online Course? View technology requirements and expectations PDF.

Have you cleared your browser cache and temporary Internet files recently? If not, find out how PDF.

24x7 Help Desk:

Assistance for your student email and D2L. Available 24/7 via Chat, Email, or Phone: 1.888.800.9198. Or, go to the CCCS Help website.