Other Testing Options at ACC

Correspondence/Distance Learning

  • $40 proctor fee
  • Testing Candidates must contact the Testing Center on the campus they wish to test at and register for an exam
  • If your school requires a proctor verification form please submit it to testingcenter@arapahoe.edu
  • It is very important to notify us that you are requesting a test be taken at ACC. Do not just have your school send us the exam. You must contact us at 303-797-5993.
  • Once the exam has been received, we will contact you for an appointment. If we don't have your contact information we will be unable to contact you for testing.
  • The Testing Candidate's college must send the exam via mail to the ACC testing center
  • Complete instructions for the exam must be included
  • A representative for the college must be available by phone during the time the Candidate is testing. Phone number must be provided.
  • Return mailing envelopes are to be provided by the testing candidate or their college. The candidate will pay a fee if no envelope is provided.
  • Candidates who test late in the day will not be able to have their test returned overnight


  • There is a $75 proctor fee
  • By Appointment
  • The test can take up to 8 hours and appointments are made Monday through Thursday and begins at 8:30 a.m.

PEARSON VUE will NOT be available during construction May 15 - Dec. 30, 2017.

HESI A2-NET (Nursing Entrance Test)

Important Notice - Beginning November 1, 2017, all HESI A2 testing will be done through a Prometric Testing site. Testing will no longer be done at ACC. More information will be posted soon.

  • There is a $75 proctor fee for ACC Nursing students. ACC students only - pay online.
    Payment is due at the time of scheduling. An appointment will not be made without payment.
    • The version of the HESI we offer is A2-DN. For detailed information on the exam call 1.800.222.9570.
      • Eleven Subject Areas Covered-Reading, Meaning-Word Use, Conclusions, Implications, Understanding, Grammar, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Math
      • Calculator is embedded in the test
  • Appointments are mandatory please call 303.797.5993 to schedule. Schedule your test early as seats are limited.
    • A valid photo ID must be brought in order to take your exam. A driver's license, passport or military ID with photograph and signature is accepted.
    • Leave cell phones and other personal items in your vehicle. Lockers will not be provided for personal items. Kleenex will be provided in the room. If you are sick please do not come to test and reschedule.
    • Candidate must bring their registration confirmation letter with them on their testing date
  • NET testing is only done Monday through Thursday during the months of June - October.
  • All testing dates are first come first serve.
  • Students need to pre-pay for their exam prior to making an appointment.
  • Only 4 hours are allowed for the exam.

Candidates must arrive by 8:10 am to check-in at the Testing Center M2210 on the second floor of the main building on the Littleton campus.

Please contact the Testing Center at 303-797-5993 for information on how to take the exam at a Prometric testing site. The cost is $104 and you will need to allow time for your request to be processed.

Important HESI A2-ADN Testing Information

  • Four hours are allowed for the exam and it may only be taken twice in a year
  • Please notify us immediately if you are unable to keep your appointment.
    • A $20 dollar fee will be assessed for all no shows. 
    • Testing fee will not be reimbursed but can be used for a future testing appointment once the $20 no show fee has been paid (must be taken within 6 months)
  • You may only reschedule one time. After the first reschedule you must contact the Nursing Department for approval to reschedule.
  • Parking pass is required if you don't have one. Arrive early to get one from the Testing Center in M2210 if you don't have one. There is no cost for the day pass. You must be checked in for the test by 8:10 a.m. in room M2210. Allow extra time for traffic delays.
  • All exams must be completed in one four hour sitting.
  • For any Nursing Dept. questions on the NET please call 303.797.5939 
  • Students who have accommodations must make arrangements through the Nursing Department
  • Pre-registration steps required before testing appointment

CLEP (The College-Level Examination Program) Earn college credit for prior learning will NOT be available during construction May 15 - Dec. 30, 2017.

  • Cost for the CLEP exam is $85 paid by credit card when you register online for your exam.
  • The $50 proctor fee is paid by cash, check or charge to ACC when you actually come to test
    Must register and get voucher on the CLEP web-site. You will be asked to provide the voucher number when you call for your appointment.
  • Call ACC for an appointment- offered Monday thru Friday
    Littleton Campus- 303.797.5993 
  • CLEP exams are free to military service members but there is $50 proctor fee. Refer to the CLEP web-site for details on payment, eligibility, and ID's.
  • Visit their web-site or call 1.800.257.9558 for more information
  • Detailed list of prior learning assessments accepted by the Community College System of Colorado.
  • Not all colleges accept CLEP please check with your institution
  • A valid ID is required in order to test. Questions about ID policy can be made by calling 1.800.257.9558 or e-mailing clep@info.collegeboard.org
    • Primary ID must have a photo, name and signature on it (valid driver's license, passport, state ID, military ID, national, tribal, certificate of citizenship or naturalization card). 
    • Not accepted are credit/debit cards, social security card or employee ID
    • Minors who don't have a primary government-issued ID must submit the College Board ID Form. Find more exam day information
  • Hooded sweatshirts or hooded sweaters may not be worn during testing
  • Calculators are built into the test, personal calculators are not allowed
  • Accommodation requests need to be pre-approved by the Test Center BEFORE registering!
  • Study material can be found on the CLEP website or Learning Express . Contact the ACC Library for instructions on how to access Learning Express.

DSST/Dantes - Earn college credit for prior learning

  • Cost for the DSST exam is $80 paid by credit card during test to DSST
  • Plus $40 to proctor the exam paid by cash, check or charge to ACC
  • Call ACC for an appointment- offered Monday thru Friday
    Littleton Campus- 303.797.5993 
  • Get additional information on Dantes/DSST
  • Not all colleges accept DSST/Dantes
  • Bring the ID required by DSST
  • Test Taker Misconduct-Any misconduct will result in the termination of your exam
  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind to or from another test taker during the exam session
  • Using any testing aid not permitted by your instructor or exam sponsor
  • Attempting to take the exam for another person
  • Test Takers talking with each other during a test session
  • Tampering with the operation of the computer or attempting to use if for any function other than taking the test. This includes accessing other sites not required for the exam.
  • Distracting other Test Takers in any way