Meet Your Advisors

All advisors answer questions concerning getting started, monitoring progress or completing your studies at ACC.

Connect with us: Room M2010, T: 303.797.5664,

Michael McManus

Michael McManus
Director of Advising and Retention

M.A.T, Rhode Island College
B.A. - Political Science, University of Rhode Island

Favorite College Experience
: Studying Abroad in Ireland for a semester.

Hobbies:  Running, Ccycling, playing in the mountains, news junkie, and trying to force myself to read more books.

Words of wisdom: Ask a lot of questions, especially if you are new to ACC!

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Julie Nicholson

Julie Nicholson
Academic Advisor
Julie works with the general student population and students receiving the following scholarships: First Generation, Denver Scholarship Foundation, Link2Four, and College Launch.

M.A. - Psychology, Regis University
B.S. - Applied Psychology, Regis University
A.A. - Arapahoe Community College

Favorite College Experience: Graduating with my husband, our children, and my family in the audience.

Hobbies: Reading murder mysteries and watching movies.

Words of Wisdom: If you are an adult learner, do not overload yourself. It is easy to take on too much and then feel so overwhelmed that you want to give up.

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Susan Lukowski

Susan Lukowski
Advising Front Desk
Susan assists students at the Front Desk of the Advising Office.

B.S. - Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Favorite College Experience: A semester abroad in England and a month spent traveling through France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Hobbies: Reading the classics and murder mysteries.

Words of Wisdom: Read, Interact, Explore.

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Miriam Cummings

Miriam Cummings
International Student Advisor

Miriam works with students studying under an F-1 Visa, and the general student population. 

M.A. - Counseling, Denver Seminary
B.A. - Psychology and Religious Studies, Rice University

Favorite College Experience: Arranging for and singing in an a capella group.  It was a great way to  use my creativity and meet new friends.

Hobbies:  Running, singing, hiking, trying new food, and learning new things.

Words of Wisdom: Work hard to become great at what you do.

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Ashton Clouse

Ashton Clouse
Academic Advisor
Ashton works with students new to ACC who are full-time as well as the general student population.

M.A. - Education, University of Kentucky
B.A. - Education and History, University of Kentucky

Favorite College Experience: Studying abroad in the Netherlands during Graduate School.

Hobbies: Reading, spending time outdoors, and traveling

Words of Wisdom: Always challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things.  College is an opportunity to grow and explore, make the most of it.

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Tim Bond

Tim Bond
Academic Advisor
Tim works with students in Developmental Education courses (CCR & MAT) as well as the general student population.

M.S. - Academic Advising, Kansas State University
B.S. - Mathematics, Georgia Regents University

Favorite College Experience:  As a Work-Study employee in Student Activities and Chair of the Student Union Programming Board, I enjoyed being very active and involved on campus. I got to know so many students and it helped me realize that I wanted to work on college campuses after graduation.

Hobbies: Walking and Hiking; Geocaching

Words of Wisdom: Always ask if you have a question.  Instructors, advisors, and campus staff are here to help make sure you reach your academic goals, so don’t hesitate to talk to us anytime you feel that you can use some assistance.

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Ashley Ecklund

Ashley Ecklund
Academic Advisor
Ashley works with students on Academic Alert as well as the general student population.

A.A. -  College of the Siskiyous
B.A. - English California State University, Chico
M.A. -  Social Science California State University, Chico

Favorite College Experience:  Figuring out that education creates freedom, and that transferring for a Bachelor or Master degree is possible for anyone

Hobbies: Hiking, going to plays and concerts, reading, and exploring!

Words of Wisdom:  “When what you do, what you think, and what you say are in harmony, you have found happiness” –Gandhi

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Iris Ayala-Swindell

Iris Ayala-Swindell
Academic Advisor
Iris works with students in the general student population and students in the First Year Experience (AAA 076) course.

M.S. Ed. - Workforce Education & Development, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Graduate Certificate - Academic Advising, Kansas State University
B.S. - Fashion Merchandising, University of Delaware

Favorite College Experience: Interning! I interned as an undergraduate at Donna Karan International and as a graduate student at University of California, San Diego, both experiences helped me connect with my passion, develop meaningful relationships, and make informed career choices.

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, yoga, learning, and rediscovering the world through the eyes of my little ones.

Words of Wisdom: Set yourself up for SUCCESS – set meaningful goals, develop an action plan, access your student resources, make informed academic and career decisions while also taking advantage of the serendipitous opportunities that present themselves, reach out for help, and, above all, believe in your ability to show up BIG each day. What does showing up BIG mean?! It means being the best version of yourself for yourself and others!   

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Iris is available to students on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Jaime Bachmeier

Jaime Bachmeier
Academic Advisor - Castle Rock and Parker
Jaime works with the general student population at ACC's Castle Rock and Parker campuses.

M.S.W. - Social Work, University of Michigan
B.A. - Social Work, Grand Valley State University

Favorite College Experience: Working on campus. I got to interact with a lot of different kinds of people and got to help students, faculty, and staff. My study abroad experience in China was also amazing.

Hobbies: Hiking, road biking, downhill skiing, cross-fit training, trying different kinds of foods, and traveling

Words of Wisdom: Ask questions and utilize your faculty. I can just about guarantee that someone else will have the same question and is afraid to ask it. Also, get involved and network! Networking is key to finding a job after your degree- somebody will know somebody who can help you get your foot in the door.

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