The Team includes professionals from across the College committed to being caring, confidential resources and, when necessary, to provide referral to services to assist a student, faculty or staff member.

The Team's role is to determine effective strategies for addressing concerns and identifying the responsible parties for enacting those strategies. Concerns that rise to the level of being a potential Student Code of Conduct violation will be addressed through the College's disciplinary procedures (located in Policies and Guidelines and Disciplinary procedures).

Employee concerns will be referred to Human Resources.

Please report immediate threats (self-harm or violence), to a student, faculty, staff member or to the community, to Campus Police 303.797.5800 or 911.

What should be reported to The Team?

The Team collects information on observable behavior such as:

Academic Misconduct - including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, fabrication of information, grade tampering, misuse of computers and other electronic technology, or facilitating academic misconduct.

Classroom or Behavior Concerns - related to appropriate conduct where the behavior or concern could impact the office or classroom setting (i.e. repeated outbursts, inappropriate language, poor attitude, off topic questions/discussions).

Health/Safety Concerns - that pose a high, but not immediate, risk for harm or danger to self, others or the ACC community (i.e. self-harm ideation, injurious behavior, misuse of drugs/alcohol, non-specific threats).

Personal Concerns - related to the personal well-being of an ACC Community member (i.e. death of a family member/friend, homelessness, illness/hospitalization, unusual behavior, relationship issues).

Possible Policy/Procedure Violations - that may violate the Code of Student Conduct or the Student's Rights.

How a concern is resolved

  1. A team member receives the referral electronically.
  2. The Team will meet and discuss the concern.
  3. Additional information from the reporter and other people may be collected.
  4. The Team assessed the situation and intervention tools are utilized or made available.
  5. A team member follows up with the reporter (as appropriate and in keeping with system procedures and federal and state laws)

The Team utilizes a protocol to ensure that critical behavior or mental health issues or incidents are addressed appropriately. For referrals that require immediate intervention, the Team convenes immediately to assess the situation and develop an appropriate response.

The Team's Mission, Learning Outcomes and Goals


The CARE Team exists to provide proactive assistance, early intervention and caring confrontation to create a safe and healthy college community. 


  1. To build relationships, make resources available and provide support to those who are struggling.
  2. To advocate for personal and social accountability, practice ethical behavior and balance personal freedom with the interest of the ACC community.
  3. To minimize or eliminate disruption to the teaching-learning process, the community and College operations through early intervention and support.
  4. To maintain confidentiality, when possible, and handle matters discreetly.
  5. To assess potential disruption, threats and violence utilizing an objective process for evaluation and intervention
  6. To provide clear, designated referral points to share concerns and provide transparent communication regarding how the Team addresses concerns.
  7. To retain students, faculty and staff as valuable members of the ACC community.