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Tutorial Services Coordinator Debra Goldberg helping ACC student

Meet the Tutors

Lukas AxmacherLucas Axmacher

About Lucas

I enjoy leadership roles and responsibilities (planning / organizing / supervising / creating / innovating) and why I am majoring in Business Management.


  • Business/Management/Accounting/Statistics
  • Communications/Microsoft Office
  • Writing, reading, speeches, and study techniques)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)

Academic Advice

It is important to be organized in a way that works and makes sense for you. Study, work, and learn with others and the great resources that ACC has available to you.

Karl BuehlerKarl Buehler

About Karl

I graduated from ACC and am currently taking classes to complete my bachelor’s in biology at the University of Colorado-Denver. With the next step of medical school in mind, I am on route to becoming a neurosurgeon. Science is a great passion of mine as well as the medical community and helping people. Tutoring is a great outlet to continue doing what I love. 


(able to help with general advice in surviving and even thriving through college)

Academic Advice

Know yourself before tackling any large project in both life and class. Define yourself in your own way and be who you want to be. As long as you keep that in mind, the world is yours for the taking.

Tips & Tricks Videos

Watch Karl's 5-minute videos on how to do your best in these challenging courses:

Judy FarrellJudy Farrell

About Judy

I have a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Math from CSU. I worked in Software Development in the fields of Aerospace, Geographical Information Systems, Advertising and Telecommunications. My hobbies are skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, gardening, sewing and investing.


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) (CIS 118, 135, 145, 155), Python (CSC 119).

Academic Advice

I find it helpful to break problems into smaller, manageable pieces. Then, if you get frustrated or stuck, explain your design to someone else. They don’t even have to understand the subject. Just putting it into words often helps you identify things you overlooked.

Cody LewisCody Lewis

About Cody

I love science and learning about basically anything. I hope to study Immunology and become a medical researcher working on treatments for Multiple Sclerosis.


Biology I & II, Microbiology, English Composition I & II, Philosophy, Mythology.

Academic Advice

Creating a schedule to keep track of due dates and studying times can be extremely beneficial. Utilizing ACC’s many student services can help you in so many ways. Come in and let us assist you!

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Need some help reducing your stress levels? Take a lesson from Peer Mentor J Smith. She's got her Top 5 tips to reduce stress and a few additional ideas that can help you remain calm during those busy and stressful times.