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Tutorial Services Coordinator Debra Goldberg helping ACC student

Meet the Tutors

Brittany Arriza, ACC Academic Support Center tutorBrittany Arriza

About Brittany

Hi, I am currently a student at ACC working on my Associate of Science. I plan on continuing to study chemistry at a four-year school in the future and am looking forward to helping students this semester.

Courses / Subjects

  • Chemistry

Academic Advice

Take good notes in class and ask questions. Before doing homework, read the chapter, take notes, and do the practice problems. With consistent studying and practice, difficult problems can get easier to complete.

Lucas AxmacherLucas Axmacher

About Lucas

I enjoy leadership roles and responsibilities (planning / organizing / supervising / creating / innovating) and why I am majoring in Business Management.

Courses / Subjects

  • Business / Management / Accounting / Statistics
  • Communications / Microsoft Office
  • Writing, reading, speeches, and study techniques)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)

Academic Advice

It is important to be organized in a way that works and makes sense for you. Study, work, and learn with others and the great resources that ACC has available to you.

ACC Tutor Steve DupreeSteve Dupree

About Steve

After working in sales for many years, I went back to school to switch career paths and follow my passion of the medical sciences. I was able to achieve a Master’s in Biomedical Science, and Arapahoe Community College was an incredibly helpful resource to accomplishing this goal. I really enjoy tutoring and watching students learn and grow in subjects that I am passionate about. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, scuba diving, and traveling. 

Courses / Subjects

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Biology

  • Psychology

  • Human Nutrition

Academic Advice

Motivation is what sets you in motion; habit is what keeps you going.

Judy FarrellJudy Farrell

About Judy

I have a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Math from CSU. I worked in Software Development in the fields of Aerospace, Geographical Information Systems, Advertising and Telecommunications. My hobbies are skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, gardening, sewing and investing.

Courses / Subjects

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint)
  • CIS 118, 135, 145, 155
  • Python (CSC 119).

Academic Advice

I find it helpful to break problems into smaller, manageable pieces. Then, if you get frustrated or stuck, explain your design to someone else. They don’t even have to understand the subject. Just putting it into words often helps you identify things you overlooked.

ACC Peer Tutor Rob McCluskeyRob McCluskey

About Rob

I'm a Californian from west of San Jose (heart of Silicon Valley, so I know computers), moved to Colorado in 2016. After working for 15+ years in retail/customer service positions, I did career counseling and here I am at Arapahoe Community College working towards a career in accounting. I love numbers and spreadsheets, that's my creativity, and the best part about tutoring is watching people succeed! Gamer, book worm, movie buff, and animal lover.

Courses / Subjects

  • Accounting - Principles I/II, Payroll, Spreadsheet
  • Computer how to, both Mac and PC, general knowledge of Office 365
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Public Speaking

Academic Advice

Remember your due dates, and get the work done ahead of time. Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, we have all needed help at one time or another. If you are unclear on an assignment, talk to the teacher ahead of time.

ACC Peer Tutor Leilani McGahaLeilani McGaha

About Leilani

As APTA Colorado’s PTA student of the year, I graduated from ACC’s Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program in 2020. I currently work as a licensed PTA specializing in geriatric home health care. I am passionate about tutoring 1st and 2nd year PTA students to promote strong academic performance and cultivate crucial hands-on clinical skills to contribute to continued excellence in PTA student and clinician communities.

Courses / Subjects

  • PTA program coursework

Academic Advice

Stay organized, seek help when needed, foster a supportive community & set goals! Remember, you are studying to enrich the lives of your future patients!

Josh Minner, ACC Academic Support Center tutorJosiah (Josh) Minner

About Josh

I moved to Colorado two years ago after getting out of the Navy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and US History. I am going back to school to pursue a career in STEM, unsure as to the final direction. I have worked numerous jobs that involved me teaching, and I love it. I enjoy collaborating with students and watching them grasp concepts that they previously could not.

Courses / Subjects

  • Biology

Academic Advice

The two things that have benefitted me as a returning college student after years away are organization and communication. Make time every week to organize your studying. Having an organized plan every week for each class makes studying less stressful. Communication, especially with professors is important as well. My experience has been that professors at ACC are very open to helping you with concepts if you meet with them during their office hours.

Ally Poland, ACC Academic Support Center tutorAlly Poland

About Ally

Hello! I am currently a student at ACC who is taking courses on the side while pursuing a bachelor's in biology from University of Colorado, Denver. I started at ACC as a concurrent enrollment student, and I loved all of the resources / connections I made while here! I plan on matriculating to medical school after completing my bachelor's degree.

Courses / Subjects

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Academic Advice

Look at class as an opportunity to review content you’ve already learned. Spend time on your own getting ahead and learning/studying the course material in advance. You can then use scheduled classes to their fullest potential to ask questions, get to know the professor, review content, and connect with other classmates.

Vincent Vady, ACC Academic Support Center TutorVincent Vady

About Vincent

I have lived in Colorado for 11 years and wish to continue my life and schooling here. However, for about 8 years, I was raised in Orange County, California. In fact, I will be transferring to CU Denver in the Fall of 2022 to earn a BS in Biology. My goal is to make subjects like Psychology, English, and Chemistry interesting and understandable for students.

Courses / Subjects

  • General Chemistry 1 with Lab
  • Psychology
  • English

Academic Advice

I strongly suggest color-coordinating your notes because reviewing becomes more of a positive experience, rather than dreadful. Also, asking the professor not just for the correct answer but the reasoning behind it to learn how to approach similar problems. Practice makes perfect. I think re-doing homework, quizzes, and test questions lead to understanding the concepts and patterns to problems.

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