Institutional Accreditation

Arapahoe Community College is currently accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. ACC has been accredited since 1970.

Why Is Accreditation Important?

College accreditation is a guarantee that a college or program meets certain principles and provides quality education.

  • It gives the assurance that, you will be able to attain definite educational outcomes.
  • It pledges that you'll get qualified instructors and high quality up-to-date curriculum.
  • Without accreditation by a nationally recognized accredited organization, a school and its students are not eligible to participate in government student assistance programs like federal grants and loans.
  • Most employers who offer tuition assistance will not reimburse your tuition if you attend a school that is not accredited.
  • Most employers will look at a degree from an institution with accreditation as a credential demonstrating motivation and quality education.
  • If you intend to transfer credits to another college, you are required to attend an accredited school.

ACC Program Accreditations

Addresses and phone numbers for these accrediting agencies are listed within the description of each specific degree or certificate.

The following programs hold accreditation and / or approval as listed: