Concurrent Enrollment Program Requirements

  1. Students must have the maturity to take college level courses. Some of the material may not be appropriate for those under 18.
  2. All Concurrent Enrollment courses will be taught at the college level and adhere to the rigorous academic standards of a college-level course. Students are expected to achieve the same outcomes whether or not they are taking the course for college credit.
  3. Students must complete all admission and registration requirements of ACC and their home school district before the census date of the term in which they are enrolled. Registration materials will not be accepted if they are late.
  4. Leaving a course follows three phases:
    • Before the first 15% of the course has passed: Students may drop with no record on their ACC transcript.
    • After the first 15% and before 80% of the class has passed: Students may withdraw and receive a W on their transcript. W's are not counted towards GPA.
    • After 80% of the class term has passed: Students may not withdraw. A final grade will be recorded on your ACC transcript.

    To withdraw from the college credit portion of any course, students must download a withdrawal form. The form must be completed, signed by the teacher, and faxed to 303.797.5201 by 5p.m. on the last day to withdraw. View withdrawal deadlines.

  5. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations apply regarding all student academic records. Learn more about FERPA.
  6. Students must meet the expectations of each instructor as outlined on the course syllabus. This includes but is not limited to: bringing books and assignments to each class and communicating regularly with each instructor.
  7. Students will earn college credit for each concurrent enrollment course completed with a grade of “C” or better. If a student is not earning a passing grade, it is the student's responsibility to drop or withdraw from the course by stated deadlines in order to avoid a failing grade on their transcript.
  8. The number of high school credits earned is determined by the home school district. All grades will be recorded on an ACC transcript regardless of credit earned.
  9. Transportation will not be provided for this program.