Are You Ready to Be an Online Student?

If you need more flexibility as a student or are unable to get to campus, online learning may be a solution for your educational or career goals. ACC offers more than 200 online classes that you can take anywhere, on your own schedule. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

You also need motivation and determination. Taking online classes is a different experience than taking in-person classes. It's up to you to schedule time for the class materials and work and make sure it gets completed. In order get the most out of our online courses, you need to plan for success.

Class Management

You will have to complete assignments on time and prepare for tests, the same as students in traditional classes. But without a regular in-person class schedule, you will need to take more responsibility for viewing lectures and learning new material. Many students find it beneficial to set their own regular "class" times throughout the week.

Keeping up with class material also makes it easy to manage stress, which can affect both online and onsite students. Be proactive with studying and asking for help if you need it. Working steadily on a class is better than rushing to complete work at the last minute.

Build Community

Even if you don't have regular in-class contact, you can still connect with your fellow students. Make a point of getting to know other people taking your online class. Offer to meet others for study sessions or even to view lectures together, and offer help to other students if you can.

Stay Motivated

Don't lose track of why you're putting in the work and hours on an online class. Write down your own goals for the class and remind yourself of them often. Reward yourself for milestones, like tests and completed assignments.

Visit our Tips to Succeed Online page for more ways to prepare yourself to thrive in online courses at ACC.