Accreditation and Transfer Information

One of the questions many students ask when considering or applying to a community college is whether or not the credits they earn will be transferrable to other colleges or universities. ACC is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is accredited via their Higher Learning Commission (NCA/HLC). The accreditation process verifies that an institution meets threshold standards for quality in education and that it seeks to constantly evaluate and improve existing programs to keep up with changes in education and the workforce. HLC accreditation also requires institutions to regularly evaluate their missions, goals, and abilities to serve students.

Will My ACC Credits Transfer to a Different Institution?

Each college or university determines for itself what credits will transfer from another school. ACC has multiple transfer agreements with other Colorado schools, ensuring that the work you do at ACC will be recognized and accepted if you transfer to other institution. Transfer agreements are in place for such programs as business, engineering, elementary education, early childhood education, psychology, economics, political science, and many others. In addition, some courses are guaranteed as transferrable under Colorado's statewide gtPathways program. To make sure you choose courses which will transfer, schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor to discuss your educational and career goals as early as possible. If you have a specific four-year institution in mind to transfer to after your time at ACC, it's also smart to contact that institution for more information about how your degree will transfer.

Beginning your education at ACC can be a smart financial choice, as our tuition rates are the lowest among all of Colorado's public higher education institutions. By completing part of your degree at ACC, you could save much of the cost of completing a full degree at a four-year institution. Talk to a financial aid counselor about your options for scholarships, grants, loans, and other forms of aid to make your education even more affordable.