Tips for Scholarship Essay Writing

When you are applying for scholarships to help with your college educational expenses, a good essay and/or resume is a critical part of your application. Many applicants can advertise membership in clubs and sports, but the essay is one place where you can set yourself apart from other students.

An efficient and precise resume is also a perfect way to express your individuality.

  • Neatly typed and formatted in size 12 font;
  • Check carefully for grammar and punctuation errors;
  • Make special note of any leadership roles achieved in activities and organizations;
  • Display that you have put as much into your writing as you would expect the scholarship committee to put into reviewing your application.

The Essay

  • Approximately one page in length;
  • Completely address all aspects of the question;
  • Give the scholarship committee INSIGHT into your personality, interests, motivation, goals, etc.;
  • Describe a significant event and/or influential person in your life and tell HOW they have changed your goals, attitude, interests, etc.;
  • Give an explanation of special circumstances you feel would be important for the committee to know when reviewing your application;
  • Tell WHY you are unique, WHY you are involved in a particular organization, or WHY you have chosen your major;
  • Make the essay interesting for others to read (i.e. tell a story).

The Resume

  • List and/or describe your biographical information, activities, memberships, and honors;
  • List and/or describe any involvement in volunteer activities and community service;
  • List any employment (including dates, job descriptions and responsibilities).