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All-College Department Directory


Department Phone Email
Accounting 303.797.5880 accountingdegree [at]
Admissions  303.797.5637 admissions [at]
Academic Advising 303.797.5664 advising [at]
American Sign Language 303.797.5687 veronica.chavez [at]
Anthropology/History 303.797.5781  
Arabic 303.797.5687 veronica.chavez [at]
Architecture Technology 303.797.5863 archtech [at]
Arts, Humanities, Business and Technology Division (Instruction) 303.797.5855 afrazier [at]
Assessment 303.797.5659 dawn.stratton [at]
Assistant to the President 303.797.5701 carol.patterson [at]
Astronomy 303.797.5839 jennifer.jones [at]
Automotive Technology 303.797.5846 automotive [at]
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Banking and Financial Services 303.797.5956 fininv [at]
Biology Department 303.797.5936 jenai.rutledge [at]
Bookstore 303.797.5676 paul.tolbert [at]
Budget Office 303.797.5711  
Business Administration 303.797.5872 businessadmin [at]
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Campus Police 303.797.5800 campus.police [at]
Career and Transfer Center 303.797.5805 careers [at]
Cashier's Office 303.797.5638  
Castle Rock Campus 303.660.3160 castle.rock [at]
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) 303.797.5962 valerie.carter [at]
Chemistry 303.797.5991 science [at]
Chief Financial Officer 303.797.5711 belinda.aaron [at]
Child Development Center 303.797.5678 pamela.didusch [at]
College Advisory Council 303.797.5701  
College Communications 303.797.5709 jeff.duggan [at]
Colorado Gallery of Arts 303.797.5649 trish.sangelo [at]
Communication Department 303.797.5254 terri.scrima [at]
Community Education (Non–credit Classes) 303.797.5722 ACC.WCP [at]
Concurrent Enrollment 303.797.5946 acc.ce [at]
Construction Technology 303.797.5863 archtech [at]
Controller/Director of Financial Operations 303.797.5882 jill.becker-lutz [at]
Copy / Print Center 303.797.5747 juan.greening [at]
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Academy 303.797.5793 criminaljustice [at]
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Dean of Community and Workforce Partnerships 303.797.5859 eric.dunker [at]
Acting Dean of Arts, Humanities, Business and Technology 303.797.5702 rebecca.woulfe [at]
Dean of Legal, Communication, Behavioral and Social Sciences 303.797.5930 vanessa.anderson [at]
Dean of Health, Mathematics and Sciences 303.797.5972 samuel.devries [at]
Developmental Studies 303.797.5843 kim.moultney [at]
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Early Childhood Education 303.797.5924 kristin.habicht [at]
Economics/Finance 303.797.5956 fininv [at]
Education (K-12) 303.797.5924 kristin.habicht [at] [at]
Educational Technology 303.797.5965 edtech [at]
eLearning 303.797.5080 eLearning [at] ( )
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 303.797.5889 emt [at]
Employment 303.797.5644 recruiter [at]
Engineering Science 303.797.5831 engineering [at]
English 303.797.5815 kathryn.winograd [at]
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Facilities Custodial 303.797.5766 ernest.herrera [at]
Facilities Maintenance 303.797.5756 maintenance.acc [at]
Facilities Rental   facility.rental [at]
Fax for Records & Enrollment Services 303.797.5970  
Fax for Littleton Campus 303.797.5935  
Fax for Parker Campus 303.734.3885  
Fax for Castle Rock Campus please call 303-660-3160  
Financial Aid 303.797.5661 finaid [at]
Fiscal Services 303.797.5640 tammy.mcginnis [at]
Fitness Center 303.797.5850 fitnesscenter [at]
Flex Lab 303.797.5804 flex [at]
Community Relations


foundation [at]
French 303.797.5687 veronica.chavez [at]
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GED Prep Classes 303.797.5722  
General Accounting 303.797.5636  
German 303.797.5687 veronica.chavez [at]
Health Information Technology 303.797.5795 HITProgram [at]
Health, Mathematics and Sciences Division (Instruction) 303.797.5991 mary.metros [at]
Health Professions 303.797.5620  
History 303.797.5781  
Human Resources 303.797.5741 accaskhr [at]
Humanities 303.797.5855 lance.rubin [at]
Information Technology 303.797.5700 x 1283199 helpdesk [at]
Institutional Research 303.797.5092 yared.belete [at]
Instructional Testing Center 303.797.5993 dawn.stratton [at]
Interior Design 303.797.5984 anita.lodico [at] ( )
Investment/Finance 303.797.5956 janderssen [at]
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Law Enforcement Academy 303.797.5793 kayla.maestas [at]
Legal, Communication, Behavioral and Social Sciences Division (Instruction) 303.797.5798  
Library 303.797.5746 lisa.chestnut [at]
Literature 303.797.5815 lance.rubin [at]
Littleton Campus 303.797.4222 EMPLOYEE EMAIL DIRECTORY
Mail Room 303.797.5747 juan.greening [at]
Management 303.797.5685 businessadmin [at]
(Academic Program)
303.797.5872 businessadmin [at]
Mass Media 303.797.5791  
Mathematics 303.797.5605 [at]
Mechanical Design and Drafting Technology 303.797.5863 archtech [at]
Med Prep 303.789.0243  
Media Relations 303.797.5709 jeff.duggan [at]
Medical Lab Technology 303.797.5796 medlabtech [at]
Medical Office Technology 303.797.5898 medofficetech [at]
Mortuary Science 303.797.5954 mortuaryscience [at]
Multimedia, Graphic Design, and Illustration 303.797.5916 graphicdesign [at]
Music 303.797.5867 hidemi.matsushita [at]
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Nursing 303.797.5939 nursing [at]
NCTI Broadband Program 303.797.5722 ACC.WCP [at] ( )
Open Computer Lab 303.797.5907  
Paralegal 303.797.5878 celeste.carpenter [at]
Paramedic 303.797.5213 dennis.edgerly [at]
Parker Campus 303.734.4822 parkercampus [at]
Parking Services 303.797.5947 ParkingServices [at]
Phi Theta Kappa   adam.shelffo [at] | charles.owen [at]
Philosophy 303.797.5780 lance.rubin [at]
Physical Therapist Assistant 303.797.5897 paula.provence [at]
Physics 303.797.5831 science [at]
Placement Testing 303.797.5993 dawn.stratton [at]
PN–to–RN Fast Track Nursing 303.797.5896 carmella.condino [at] ( )
Police Dispatch 303.797.5800 elizabeth.baumgardt [at]
Political Science 303.797.5781  
Print Services (Wordgraphics) 303.797.5747 juan.greening [at]
Student Recruitment and Outreach 303.797.5637 [at]
President 303.797.5701 Diana.Doyle [at]
Psychology 303.797.5259 amy.wilkerson [at]
Purchasing 303.797.5753 daniel.hohn [at]
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Real Estate 303.797.5682 businesadmin [at]
Receiving 303.797.5747 juan.greening [at]
Records & Enrollment Services 303.797.5621 records [at]
Recruitment 303.797.5622 howard.fukaye [at]
Residency 303.797.5624 records [at]
Science 303.797.5991 science [at]
Service Learning Center 303.797.5256 diana.hornick [at]
Sociology 303.797.5259 amy.wilkerson [at]
Spanish 303.797.5687 veronica.chavez [at]
Speech/Communication 303.797.5254 terri.scrima [at]
Spring International Language Center 303.797.0100 info [at]
Student Access Services 303.797.5730 elisabeth.olson [at]
Student Life Director 303.797.5667 dan.balski [at]
Student Leadership Council 303.797.5871 slc [at]
Student Success Center 303.797.5669 debra.goldberg [at]
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TDD users may access any of the above numbers by calling Colorado Relay 1.800.659.2656  
Testing Center - main campus 303.797.5993 dawn.stratton [at]
Theater 303.797.5780 lance.rubin [at]
Transcripts 303.797.5776 doug.macdougall [at] ( )
Travel 303.797.5872 businessadmin [at]
Tutorial Services - See Student Success Center    
Veteran's Services 303.797.5934 nancy.nickless [at]
Vice President for Administrative Services 303.797.5972 cindy.somers [at]
Vice President for Instruction 303.797.5707 rebecca.woulfe [at]
Vice President of Student Affairs 303.797.5601 lisa.matyeedwards [at]
Workforce Training 303.797.5722 ACC.WCP [at]
World Languages 303.797.5687 veronica.chavez [at]
Writers Studio 303.797.5815 writerstudio [at]
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