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The efforts of the ACC Foundation have touched many lives. The spirit and generosity of our many donors makes it possible for us to continually serve the students who are working hard as they travel their pathways to the future. 100% of your donation goes directly to the initiative you designate. There are no fees or hidden administrative costs taken from any gifts you make and every donation is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Annual Colorado Gives Day

The ACC Foundation is a part of one of the largest one-day giving movements in the country. Each December Coloradans come together with the common goal to strengthen the community by helping to power nonprofits. 

Ways to Give

  • Make an online contribution
  • Make a cash / check donation; send to: ACC Foundation, 5900 S. Santa Fe Dr., Campus Box 43, Littleton, CO 80160-9002
  • Make an in-kind donation of a car, books, or other goods and receive a tax deduction
  • Make an honor or memorial gift and celebrate a special occasion or memorialize a loved one by supporting education
  • Matching gifts - check with your employer to see if they will match your charitable contributions or match with other ACC company partners
  • Donate to a specific scholarship fund 
  • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds - check with your financial planner to discover possible tax deductions
  • Sponsor an ACC event - receive a discount if you sponsor multiple events
  • Planned and legacy gifts - check with your attorney financial planner and make a lasting impression or leave an enduring legacy by including the ACC Foundation in your estate plans

Check with the ACC Foundation for more information about ways you can give and help an ACC student Move Mountains!

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