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AP 0-01 ACC Procedure Process

Arapahoe Community College
Series 1 - Doctrine
AP 0-01 ACC Procedure Process

Originated: July 2005

Revised: October 2016

Effective: July 2005; October 2016

References: None


Diana M. Doyle, Ph.D.
President, Arapahoe Community College


This procedure is a reference document outlining the creation, revision, approval, and implementation process for Arapahoe Community College (ACC) procedures. ACC procedures are created as directed by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Policies and System President’s Procedures.

This Procedure contains pertinent information affecting employees, current through the date of its issuance. To the extent that any provision of this Procedure is inconsistent with State or Federal law, State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Policies (BPs) or Colorado Community College System President’s Procedures (SPs), the law, BPs and SPs shall supersede and control. BPs and SPs are subject to change throughout the year and are effective immediately upon adoption by the Board or System President, respectively. Employees are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the BPs, SPs as well as College directives, including but not limited to this Procedure.

Nothing in this Procedure is intended to create (nor shall be construed as creating) an express or implied contract or to guarantee employment for any term. The College reserves the right to modify, change, delete or add to this Procedure as it deems appropriate.


This procedure applies to all ACC employees who may be involved in the creation, revision, and implementation of ACC procedures.


A member of the Leadership Team initiates the process for the adoption of a new ACC procedure or the revision of a current procedure.

The Leadership Team member works with a department, division, estate, committee, task force, and/or other stakeholders as appropriate to review the need for the new or revised procedure and complete the research and writing. A written draft is completed utilizing the procedure template located in the Employee tab on the Portal.

The Leadership Team member is the liaison to bring forth the procedure for review and vote by the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team member provides a written draft of the procedure to the President’s Office.

The Executive Assistant to the President forwards the procedure draft to the Marketing Director for a review of conformance to the template, accessibility, writing mechanics, and style.

Once the draft is returned to the President’s Office, the Executive Assistant schedules a review of the procedure at a Leadership Team meeting. The Executive Assistant sends a draft copy of the procedure with the agenda to the Leadership Team and provides copies at the meeting.

At the Leadership Team meeting, the Leadership Team member who initiated the procedure process gives a brief overview, leads the discussion, and asks for a vote to approve.

Upon review and approval by the Leadership Team, the Executive Assistant obtains the President’s signature and provides an electronic copy to Marketing for publication on the ACC Website and the Portal (if necessary). The official document is retained in the President’s Office.

Communication of procedural changes to the ACC campus community depends on the nature of the procedure and is the responsibility of the Leadership Team member who initiated the process.