Study Abroad

Do you want to visit another part of the world and get college credit for it? ACC offers a Short Term Study Abroad program so you can explore another culture and get credit for it!


The mission of the ACC Short Term Study Abroad Program provides for-credit study abroad programs in a variety of disciplines throughout the college. These classes incorporate an international and intercultural understanding that can enrich this unique educational opportunity. Study abroad allows students to immerse themselves in a worldwide experience fostering a global perspective on different cultures, theories, history, art, architecture and the economy.

What You Gain When You Study Abroad

  • Enriched general education and knowledge
  • New perspectives on your field of study
  • Critical thought, intellectual, social and personal growth
  • Independence, self-confidence and flexibility
  • The ability to step outside your comfort zone
  • Views and perspectives held by others
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity
  • Understanding of how you can impact others
  • Cultural sensitivity and empathy
  • Affecting positive change in the world, both locally and globally

General Program Information

  • You must be registered as an ACC student
  • Programs are designed to run during the summer term
  • Travel ranges from 1-3 weeks
  • Classes are for credit
  • Most travel classes go towards designated departmental degree
  • If you are eligible for financial aid you can apply it towards your class and travel
  • Scholarships and grants are available through the foundation and financial aid
  • You need to have your COF and FASFA up to date for financial aid and scholarships

For more information about our Short Term Study Abroad programs contact:
Trish Sangelo
Study Abroad Coordinator
trish.sangelo [at]

Study Abroad Club

The Study Abroad Club is a student club to develop a deeper international understanding by enhancing student communication both domestically and globally in negotiation/ persuading, planning/organizing, social skills and teamwork building as well as promoting and exploring academic study in foreign countries through ACC and/or other institutions. These skills will empower students to embrace cultural diversity and a better understanding of global interaction.

For more information about the ACC Study Abroad Club or to attend meetings contact:

Trish Sangelo
Study Abroad Coordinator
trish.sangelo [at]

Upcoming Trips

ACC Art & Design in Italy
June 10-22, 2019
Instructors - Trish Sangelo, Angela Faris Belt, Katie Caron, Chavanthop Watankul, Dawn Viola

Criminal Justice in London, Amsterdam, and Paris
May 26 - June 4, 2020
Instructors - Terrie Bechdel and Courtney Kuntz

Travel Abroad EMS Academy - Dominican Republic
June 1-8, 2020
Instructors - Dennis Edgerly and Travis Smith

Past Study Abroad Trips

Ceramics, Drawing, Painting and Photography in Japan
June 11-22, 2018
Instructors - Trish Sangelo, Katie Caron, Nathan Abels, Angela Faris Belt

Photography, Film, Illustration and Motion Design in London
May 17-25, 2017
Instructor - Trish Sangelo

Cross Cultural Business in Italy and Greece
July 10-25, 2017
Instructor - Adam Shelffo