Transfer Credit Evaluations

ACC accepts transfer credits from other institutions. To receive a transcript evaluation:

  • Complete an ACC application.
  • Follow steps on the Registration Checklist.
  • Send an official transcript directly to ACC. ACC considers hand-delivered transcripts unofficial. Mail transcripts to:
    Arapahoe Community College
    Records and Enrollment Services
    5900 South Santa Fe Drive
    P.O. Box 9002
    Littleton, CO 80160-9002

Transfer Transcripts and Official Credit Evaluations:

Students must be admitted to ACC to have an official transfer credit evaluation. To have their transcripts evaluated, students must order their official transcripts and have them sent DIRECTLY to ACC from each institution the student attended. Hand-delivered transcripts will not be accepted as official for transfer credit evaluation purposes.

ACC utilizes the following guidelines to evaluate transfer credit from other higher education institutions:

  • The institution possesses Regional Accreditation during the time the coursework was completed.
  • Course by course evaluation and comparison, based on the requirements for the student's declared degree or certificate at ACC.*
  • Evaluation of the title, description, content, and age of the course being considered for transfer, compared to the course required in the degree or certificate at ACC.
  • Credits accepted in transfer from institutions operating on a quarter hour system, will have their credits converted into semester hours. The formula to convert quarter hours to semester hours is: (credit hours x two) / three. For example, a three quarter credit hour course will convert to a two semester credit hour course (3 x 2 = 6; 6 / 3 = 2).
  • The credit value of the required course at ACC must be covered in full by equivalent transfer course credit value. If appropriate based on a review of the title, description and content of the transfer courses, multiple transfer courses may be combined to be considered equivalent to the ACC course.*
  • Generally speaking, a student must complete a minimum of 25% of the credit requirements for a degree or certificate in residence at ACC.*
  • A grade of "C-" or better is required for a course to be considered for transfer.*

*Please note: some degree or certificate programs may have more restrictive transfer credit evaluation requirements; please contact the Transcript Evaluator for more information.

Students will receive confirmation of their transfer credit evaluation after their transcript is received by ACC. Students can check what courses were transferred in and how they apply to their declared degree or certificate program by accessing DegreeCheck in myACC.

ACC will gladly review your non-college or experience-based learning attained outside of accredited postsecondary education institutions for possible transfer credit.  Please visit our webpage for more information regarding Prior Learning Assessment.

Foreign transcripts are not evaluated at ACC. If you have a foreign transcript that you would like to have evaluated for possible transfer credit, please reach out to a Foreign Education Credential Service.

Students with questions regarding a transcript evaluation should first contact the Transcript Evaluator.  Students wishing to appeal a transcript evaluation and/or evaluation guidelines will need to complete the Transcript Credit Evaluation Appeal. Students wishing to file a complaint with the Colorado Department of Higher Education may do so here. Before exercising the Colorado Department of Higher Education complaint option, student must first follow the appeal procedures at ACC.