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We are here to ease your transition into civilian life and guide you through the many unique challenges you will find as you enter the academic environment.

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To get started, here's what the school certifying official needs from you.

  • Form DD-214 (discharge form)

Important Information to Know

  • A new Course Load Sheet (and a degree check) is required every semester you are enrolled.
  • Online Developmental Courses - The VA will not pay for online developmental courses (Any class that starts with a 0, ex. MAT 045). If you register for these courses you will be responsible for paying for them and they will not apply toward your housing or stipend from the VA. (On campus developmental classes will be covered.)
  • Term dates are reported as they appear in the class schedule. Accelerated courses may affect your eligibility. You can calculate your VA Equivalent Hours for classes that are less than 15 weeks to determine your VA rate of pursuit based on the length of your classes and their credit hours.

To apply for educational benefits, visit the VA GI Bill website and "Apply for Benefits" to fill out the VONAAP, veterans online application.


Veteran Services Center
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Veteran Scholarships at ACC

Arapahoe Community College is the proud recipient of the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship (Veteran Vision for the Future) award of $30,000. The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship has provided (12) scholarships, over a two-year period from Fall 2012 - Spring 2014, to help military veterans with needed tuition assistance and support to be successful at ACC and beyond.  Because the recipients of these scholarships will assist other student veterans in demystifying higher education, its requirements, costs, and benefits, we know the value of this generous award will extend far beyond the six scholarship recipients. The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship has made it possible to more fully provide for the successful reintegration of student veterans into campus and community life.

Arapahoe Community College is committed to providing Veteran Institutional Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 for honorably discharged Veterans in need. The deadline is May 15 of each year for the following award year.  Please see the list of all available ACC scholarships at our scholarship link.  ACC faculty and staff are already geared to assist student veterans in identifying academic, vocational, and career interests/goals and are committed to providing continuous follow-up and support to ensure academic retention and success.

We are working toward making the 15-16 financial aid year just as successful in terms of scholarships for the men and women of our Armed Forces. Make sure to see the list of available ACC scholarships for the Spring 2016 semester at our scholarship link.