Concurrent Enrollment Testing Requirements

Students must meet the required ACT, SAT or ACCUPLACER scores. 

General Placement Test Information:

Tests will be offered in the high schools and are untimed. Check with your high school counselor for information on dates and times.

  • Math has a built in calculator for some questions. No other calculator is allowed for the math.
  • Scratch paper and pencils are provided by the proctor
  • The placement test may be taken 3 times in any given year. After the initial test a retest can be taken after 24 hours.The second retest may only be taken after a 30 day wait period. There is a one year wait period after the 3rd attempt.

If a student misses the Placement Test Session at their high school they may retake it at the ACC Testing Center:

Littleton Campus (call 303.797.5659) or by appointment at the ACC Parker Campus (303.734.4822) or the ACC Castle Rock Campus (303.660.3160).

  • $10 for ACC students who are currently registered and have their ACC student ID number
  • $40 for students who have applied but have not received their ACC student ID number. Once they have received their ACC student ID number the cost is $10.
  • $40 for non ACC students

Valid photo ID is Mandatory for Testing at the ACC Testing Center:

Retest Cost

  • $10 per section for ACC students 
  • $40 for non ACC student

There are online ACCUPLACER study resources for those wishing to study.

Littleton Campus Testing Center hours