Get Started

Start the admission process early! Please do not wait until the deadline to enroll, as late enrollment will not be allowed if you experience difficulties.

STEP 1: Complete the ACC application

Apply to ACC. You must apply to Arapahoe Community College in order to earn college credit.  (if you have taken courses through our non-credit Community Education department you will need to re-apply as a credit-seeking student)   

Some information needed to complete your application:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your parent's or guardian's driver license number and date of issue
  • The date of issue of your parent's or guardian's vehicle license plate
  • The month and year your parent or guardian began living in Colorado

You must check YES in the COF box (College Opportunity Fund) in the final section of your ACC application. The College Opportunity Fund (funded by the State of Colorado) provides a portion of tuition for the first 145 credits earned towards a bachelor's degree. If you do not apply for COF, ACC will bill you or your parents for the portion that would have been paid by COF.

If you do not check YES, you may Complete the COF application separately.

Learn about COF

STEP 2: Satisfy prerequisite requirements

Some classes have prerequisite test scores you must meet. There are three ways to satisfy course prerequisites:

  1. Submit qualifying SAT or ACT scores,
  2. Demonstrate success in certain high school math and English courses,
  3. Take a college placement test at any of the ACC campuses

Be sure to check with your teacher/counselor for information about courses that have prerequisite score requirements and deadlines.

STEP 3: Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement and Registration Form

You MUST complete this form in order to be enrolled in the course for college credit, as mandated by the State of Colorado. Please see your teacher or counselor to obtain and complete the CE Agreement form. Student and parent signatures are required. Incomplete or late forms will not be accepted. Check with your teacher/counselor for deadlines.

Chaparral and Douglas County High School Students Only

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form button

 ~ Students must be registered for the corresponding class at their high school.  If you do not appear on the high school roster by the deadline you will not be enrolled for college credit.

~ Check with your teacher for textbook requirements. You may Purchase your textbook through the ACC bookstore.

Upon completion of these steps, ACC will register you into your Concurrent Enrollment class for college credit.

(please be familiar with all Concurrent Enrollment Program Requirements)