Concurrent Enrollment

Earn college credit while still in high school!

ACC has a Concurrent Enrollment program designed for students looking for a challenging academic experience. High school students can earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. This program:

  • Lowers the cost of college by providing college credit at no charge to the student (textbook purchase may be required)
  • Prepares students for a seamless transfer to college by providing the experience of being a college student
  • Allows access to college coursework at your high school

At your high school

  • College courses are offered during the school day and are taught by ACC-qualified high school instructors.
  • No tuition - so the cost of your overall college education will be less
  • Preparation for college - so your transfer to ACC or another institution will be seamless
  • Academic and career advising - so you receive the support you need to succeed at ACC and beyond

At an ACC campus or online

Take college courses at ACC's Littleton, Parker or Castle Rock locations. Take any class with approval of your high school counselor.

  • College faculty - experience classes with other college students
  • Possible tuition reimbursement - check with your high school counselor
  • Several Guaranteed Transfer courses - have courses count towards your college degree
  • Student Resources - use ACC's tutoring, library, and many other services

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Questions about Concurrent Enrollment

How does concurrent enrollment at Arapahoe Community College compare to other college-credit programs?

AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), and other options allow you to earn college credit while still in high school. All of these programs are good ways for you to get the college credit you want and the rigor you demand. ACC concurrent enrollment is unique in that:

  • You earn credit immediately on successful completion of the course
  • No exit exam or post-course testing is needed
  • Credit appears on your ACC transcript just as if you had taken the course at an ACC Campus
  • Credit can apply directly towards a degree

Will these courses transfer to the college I want to attend after I graduate from high school?

At a minimum, you're sure to earn credit at all Colorado Community Colleges, at virtually no cost to you and you will receive the quality, support, and rigor that you would expect at ACC. With all degree programs, transfer credit is granted by the college that accepts the credit, not the college where the credit was earned. Other colleges can change their policies, so it’s always a good idea to check with the college where you would like to earn your final degree.

I'm still in high school. Can I earn college credit now?

Yes, with ACC’s Concurrent Enrollment program. Whether you want to jump-start your college career or you're looking for a way to enhance your high school or personal achievements, high school students may attend ACC. High school students who successfully pass ACC courses (with C or better) can use the ACC coursework for both high school and college credit. Discuss concurrent enrollment options with your high school counselor.

How can I sign up for Concurrent Enrollment?

  1. Get started by completing the admissions application
  2. Meet any course prerequisites. Prerequisites may be met by submitting qualifying ACT/SAT scores, demonstrating success in certain high school math and English courses, and/or by taking a college college placement test at any of the ACC campuses or possibly at your high school. Contact your high school counselor or CE Specialist for details.
  3. Once approved by the high school, complete the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement form.

I'm still in high school and have completed everything, why can't I register for courses through myACC?

For those taking ACC courses at their high school: ACC will register you for your class after all registration steps have been completed.

For those taking ACC courses on an ACC campus or online: High school students must meet with a Concurrent Enrollment Specialist for course advising and registration.

I'm only taking one course at ACC and the rest of my courses are at my high school. What services are available to me?

You are still considered an ACC college student, therefore, all of our Student Services and Resources are available to you.