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2018 Graduation

High School Instructors

Arapahoe Community College has over 140 high school adjunct faculty that teach Concurrent Enrollment courses in our partner high schools!

If you are interested in teaching a course for Concurrent Enrollment credit please read the following:

All ACC instructors must have the minimum qualifications as determined by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to teach a college level course.

A list of Faculty and Instructor Qualifications can be found in ACC Procedures.

For general education courses:

  • Faculty members are required to have a master's degree or higher in the discipline OR
  • If a faculty member holds a master’s degree or higher in a discipline other than that in which he or she is teaching, the faculty member must have completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline in which they teach

For CTE courses:

Under the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) board rules governing credentialing, all secondary instructors who teach in a Colorado Community College System (CCCS) approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program must hold a valid credential.

Instructors who hold a valid secondary credential from the Colorado Department of Education may have this credential honored at the postsecondary level.

For the purpose of faculty teaching concurrent enrollment CTE courses, please note that a secondary credential no longer automatically ensures that a postsecondary credential will be issued. To issue a postsecondary CTE credential, ACC requires submission of a CTE credential application that includes:

  1. Occupational experience hours and any other documentation to meet AP 3-10b faculty qualification requirements; please note that occupational hours must be verified, or the self-employment verification section of the application must be completed
  2. Specification of the credential being sought
  3. Whether the credential is initial or being renewed

If the above criteria are met, the ACC Credentialing Officer will issue a postsecondary credential.

Possible reasons for application denial:

  • Prospective instructor does not meet the minimum qualifications at time of application
  • Course requested is not currently offered as CE
  • Course requested does not align with high school curriculum

In addition to the CTE credential, the instructor must meet the qualifications required by the department, including degree, industry experience and industry certifications (as applicable).

Submit the following documents to your CE/CTE School District Administrator. ACC must receive all application documents by March 15 for fall semester and yearlong courses and by October 15 for spring semester courses.

The CE/CTE School District Administrator will forward your application documents to the Concurrent Enrollment Program to confirm completion. The application documents will be shared with the appropriate ACC Department Chair/Dean for review.

  1. The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) will notify you, your CE high school contact (typically an A.P. or counselor) and the CE/CTE School District Administrator via email of your application approval status.
  2. Upon approval, the CEP will forward your approved application to the ACC Human Resource Office for new faculty Red Carpet onboarding. You will receive an email from HR regarding the onboarding process.
  3. Upon approval, official transcript submission through the onboarding process is required for all new ACC instructors per HLC requirements.
  4. During the onboarding process, your employee ACC S# will be generated and emailed to you. Your S# gives you access to the ACC employee portal, myACC. To access myACC you will have to activate your portal account. This is where you will enter final grades and access ACC resources.

What to expect after you have been approved to teach:

  1. The CEP will provide you the contact information of your ACC Faculty Liaison. If you are teaching a fall semester course, we ask that you reach out to your Liaison before you leave for the summer break in May to discuss curriculum, textbook requirement(s), course philosophy and pedagogy, ACC academic resources, and administrative responsibilities/procedures. If you are teaching a spring semester class, we ask that you reach out to your Liaison before you leave for the holiday break in December.
  2. Copies of your course syllabus and class schedule are expected to be provided to your Liaison prior to the start of class.
    • Course syllabus must reflect ACC competencies and requirements
    • The syllabus should include the ACC course title, prefix and number
    • Instructors may be required to provide additional materials and/or use ACC exams to ensure consistency.
  3. All new instructors are required to attend the CE Instructor Orientation and Professional Development in August held after the school day at ACC. An invitation with details will be emailed to all new instructors, CE highs school contacts, and CE/CTE School District Administrators.*
  4. All instructors, new and continuing, are required to attend the annual discipline specific Professional Development in August held after the school day at ACC. The Professional Development addresses such topics as:
    • course content
    • course delivery
    • assessment
    • evaluation
    • research and development in the field
  5. Classroom visits will be conducted in the first semester the course is offered and periodically thereafter as determined by you and your programmatic Liaison.
  6. All CE instructors are expected to respond within 48-72 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) to their ACC Faculty Liaisons' communications.
  7. Instructors and CE high school contacts will work with the CEP to ensure students are enrolled in the class for college credit.
  8. CE instructors are required to submit final grades into the myACC portal using their S# within 48 hours after the last class date. Directions on how to enter grades will be provided during CE Instructor Orientation or toward the end of the course via email.

*If you are a new instructor and are unable to attend the CE Instructor Orientation and Professional Development, or you are a continuing instructor and are unable to attend the Professional Development, an individual meeting must be arranged with the CEP and/or your Liaison to obtain this information no later than October 1st.