Great Books Program

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Great Ideas Come Alive in the Great Books Program at ACC

ACC holds the honor of being one of only six community colleges in the United States included in the University of Chicago's Great Books Consortium. The program builds on the renowned Great Books Movement which allows American students to engage in conversations about the most influential ideas contained within Western Civilization's masterpieces of literature, history and philosophy.

How Do Great Books Courses work?

Many ACC instructors offer various courses designated as "Great Books Courses."  Within these courses, the instructors draw at least half of the course readings from authors on the Encyclopedia Britannica's Great Authors List as primary voices in their fields. For instance, in a Great Books Psychology course, in addition to reading about the meaning of Sigmund Freud's dream symbolism, one might also read some of Freud's own Interpretation of Dreams.  Alternatively, in a Great Books Mathematics course, one might read some of Newton's or Euclid's writings.  Moreover, enrollment in a Great Books Economics course might expose students to the works of economist Thorsten Veblen. Instructors conducting Great Books courses invite students to study thought-provoking masterpieces, share ideas, and join in lively debate and conversations centered around the great academic works of Western Civilization.

Why Should I Obtain a Great Books Achievement Certificate?

This sought-after certificate may assist students in obtaining admission into their desired college or university.  Like any other academic honor, it allows admission committees to view students who hold this certificate as serious scholars who possess high academic standards and achievements.  Additionally, students who complete as few as two Great Books classes tend to score higher on reading comprehension tests.  Moreover, Great Books courses improve student reading skills which, therefore, improves student academic performance in other courses.

How Do I Obtain a Great Books Achievement Certificate?

Get Your CertificateStudents who successfully complete four Great Books courses with an A or a B are eligible to receive a Great Books Achievement Certificate.  If you qualify, please click the button on the right to submit your application for a Great Books Achievement Certificate.  You will receive a response from the Great Books Coordinator within 24 hours of submitting your application.  Additionally, certificate recipients will receive recognition of their academic achievement during ACC's Art and Humanities Awards Ceremony held each Spring semester.

Are Great Books sections harder than other sections?

No.  Many Great Books courses contain readings exactly the same as in non-Great Books sections.  In others, the readings simply differ from similar, non-Great Books sections.  Whatever the case, all Great Books Faculty possess the skills to help students understand the readings and succeed in the course.

Great Books Courses Offered for the Fall 2017 Semester:


Course Title


BIO 111 109

General College Biology I


BIO 112 101 General College Biology II Norman

ECO 201 106

Principles of Macroeconomics


ENG 121 107 English Composition I Fuglei

ENG 122 104

English Composition II


ENG 122 106 English Composition II Fuglei
ENG 122 107 English Composition II Hubbell
ENG 122 108 English Composition II Trotter
ENG 122 110 English Composition II Jones
ENG 122 111 English Composition II Jones
ENG 122 112 English Composition II Stafinbil
ENG 221 201 Creative Writing I Fuglei
HIS 101 101 Western Civilization: Antiquity-1650 Gore
HIS 102 102 Western Civilization: 1650-Present Gore

HIS 121 101

United States History I


HIS 255 101

History of Medieval Ages


HUM 115 101

Introduction to Mythology


HUM 115 102

Introduction to Mythology


HUM 115 177

Introduction to Mythology Lanyon
HUM 121 101 Humanities: Early Civilization Rubin
HUM 121 201

Humanities: Early Civilization


HUM 122 101

Humanities: Medieval to Modern


LIT 115 101 Introduction to Literature Morris
LIT 115 102 Introduction to Literature Rubin
LIT 115 103 Introduction to Literature Lawson
LIT 115 201 Introduction to Literature Trotter
LIT 201 101 World Literature to 1600 Hubbell
LIT 205 101 Ethnic Literature


LIT 211 101 American Literature to the Civil War Rubin

PSY 226 101

Social Psychology



For more information, please contact:
Juliet Hubbell
Great Books Program Coordinator 
Office: M4695
Office Phone: 303.797.5617