Look into Literature at ACC!

The heart of a liberal arts education, the study of literature and language, cultivates the empathy, initiative, and creativity that we all need to thrive in the world. Our faculty shares the conviction that the study of literature exercises the imagination and teaches the value of individual perception, the importance of culture, and the power of ideas. It also provides a foundation for lifelong learning and prepares students for a variety of careers.

ACC’s Literature department offers an extraordinary range of transferrable course offerings, including:

  • Introduction to Literature, an introduction to the study of fiction, drama and poetry. This will enable you to be a more perceptive reader, thinker and a better "reader" of the world.
  • World Literature, surveys important works of fiction, drama and poetry from around the world that has not only changed how literature is written, but how we interact with ourselves within nations and as a part of the global community.
  • American Literature, a look at the broad spectrum of American voices and storytellers that have changed individual perception, but also ask important questions about American identity and democracy.
  • Children's Literature, ideal for Early Childhood Education students and current K-12 teachers, evaluates the criteria for selecting age appropriate literature through exploration of genres, age levels, values taught through literature, and the literary and artistic quality of various texts.

Taking Literature classes at ACC offers a number of immediate and long-term benefits including:

  • A vibrant and accessible faculty made up of scholars and writers dedicated to sharing their knowledge of and lifelong enthusiasm for literature.
  • Nearly a dozen courses are guaranteed to transfer to both in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities.
  • Flexible schedules that work with almost any schedule.
  • Small class sizes assure lively class interaction and personal attention.
  • Many courses are offered as Great Books sections to satisfy the completion of ACC's Great Book Achievement Award.

We're ready to help you Move Mountains with Literature!