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Composition, Creative Writing, and Journalism
she / her / hers


MFA, University of Idaho
Certificate in Publishing, Denver Publishing Institute
BA, Colgate University


I have a creative writing degree and experience publishing and teaching creative writing, but I also have fifteen years of experience as a freelance reporter for a number of regional and national magazines. I enjoy teaching all types of writing and believe students are most invested when they are able to write about something they are interested in and care about. I love witnessing students' moments of connection and discovery, whether that be through reading, writing, or experience. I am often working on my own creative writing or journalism projects, searching for those moments of discovery, connection, or surprise.

My stories and essays have appeared in The Gettysburg Review, High Desert Journal, Weber: The Contemporary West, and elsewhere. My journalism has appeared in Outside Magazine, 5280, Alaska Magazine, Modern in Denver, High Country News, and other publications.

Awards & Publications

Feature “Lewis-Clark Valley AVA” Best of the West 5280 Magazine, December 2022
Feature “Make it ‘A Hudson Christmas’” Spotlight, November 2022
Feature “Homecoming: Ernestine Hayes defies adversity and speaks the truth.” Alaska Magazine Feb 2018
Review “'White Houses’ Tells the Star-Crossed Love Story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickock.” February 13, 2018
Essay “How I Reclaimed My Body and Style After Severe Depression” Canada’s The Loop for Bell Let’s Talk Day, February 2018
Review “’Kingdom of Women’ Imagines a World Where Women Act on Their Anger.” November 29, 2017
Review “Consent is Not Just for the Bedroom, And This Book Shows Why.” October 26, 2017
Review “What can we still learn about Edward Abbey, 25 years after his death?” High Country News, July 2016
Feature “The Italian Job” Modern in Denver, Summer 2016
Feature “The Art of Ice Cream” Modern in Denver, Summer 2016
Review All the Wild that Remains, Outside Magazine, April 2015
Review Sunland, Western American Literature, fall 2014
Essay “Two Rivers” Weber: The Contemporary West, fall 2014
Review, Ahead of the Flaming Front, High Country News, summer 2014
Fiction “Antidote” Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, December 2013
Essay “The Miserable” Junk: A Literary Fix, December 2013
Review Works Cited, High Country News, summer 2013
Essay “Marcel des Grottes” Colere, May 2013
“The Wisdom of Horses” Ruralite, January 2013
Feature “Digging for Fossils” Ruralite, September 2012
Feature “Finding Permanent Homes” Ruralite, July 2012
Feature “Returning Home” Ruralite, May 2012
Feature “Saddle Club Marks 50 Years” Ruralite, March 2012
Essay “Crazy” The Truth About the Fact: International Journal of Literary, Nonfiction, spring 2011
Essay “Broken” The Truth About the Fact: International Journal of Literary, Nonfiction, spring 2011
Review Honyocker Dreams, High Country News, fall 2011
Feature “Into The Woods” Ruralite, September 2011
Feature “Don’t Tell Her She Can’t” High Country News, September 2011
Feature “The Past in Pieces” Idaho Magazine, August 2011
Feature “We Have Liftoff” Ruralite, July 2011
Feature “The Power of Yoga” Ruralite, June 2011
Feature “Hobby Blooms into Business” Ruralite, May 2011
Feature “A Resurgence in Wine Making” Ruralite, March 2011
Essay “Gladeswoman” Wanderlust Literary Review, vol. 1, Issue 1, February 2010, republished on the Knights Arts Web site October 2012, excerpt selected for inclusion in an Everglades National Park calendar, December 2015
Fiction “Aspen” High Desert Journal, Issue 2, winter 2010 (online issue)
Feature “The Heart of a Town” Ruralite, September 2010
Review Cities and Nature in the American West, High Country News, fall 2010
Feature “Going Native” Ruralite, July 2010
Feature “Following the Lewis and Clark Trail” Ruralite, May 2010
Review Let There Be Night, High Country News, winter 2009
Review The Mechanics of Falling, High Country News, summer 2009
Essay “Looking at Julia Roberts’ Apartment” Make: A Chicago Literary Magazine, summer 2009 (online issue)
Feature “Avalanches for Dummies” High Country News, spring 2009
Essay “The Real West” Weber: The Contemporary West, fall 2008
Essay “Off the Grid” High Desert Journal, spring 2008
Essay “Swiftwater Safety” Permafrost, spring 2008
Review Desert Gothic, Western American Literature, spring 2008
Review The Wet Collection, Western American Literature, spring 2008
Review The Enders Hotel, High Country News, spring 2008
Review The God of Animals, Western American Literature, fall 2008
Review In the Blast Zone, High Country News, summer 2008
Feature “Summer Vacation” Here We Have Idaho, winter 2004
Feature “Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer . . . Science” Washington State Magazine, fall 2004
Feature “UI Back in the Swim” Here We Have Idaho, spring 2004
Essay “The Inaccessible Sun” The Gettysburg Review, spring 2003
Fiction “The Objects they Shared” Clean Shot, summer 2000


Composition, Creative Writing, and Journalism
andrea.mason [at]