About the program...

What are the requirements to get into the Law Enforcement Academy?
A separate application process is required for entry to the academy. Students must be registered at ACC and 21 years old by graduation date. They must undergo a background check and submit fingerprints. Any Felony and some misdemeanors can disqualify a student from being POST certified. You must have a current and valid CO Driver’s license. The application process is outlined in the Law Enforcement Academy Web page under application process and requirements.

What credits will transfer into the Academy Certificate Program?
There are no transfers into the Law Enforcement Academy. The ten classes that make up the academy are exclusive to the academy. You must be accepted into the program to enroll in any of the classes that apply to the certificate.

How much does the program cost?
You pay the tuition and fees for 40 semester credit hours and specific fees associated with the academy. Please contact Academy staff for a detailed cost-breakdown or for Non-Resident tuition information.

How long is the program?
We have two options at ACC. Both complete the same 40 credit hour curriculum and vary only in the time frame. The Part-time program starts each fall and takes two semesters. It is designed for students in the workforce working Monday through Friday. The Part-time Classes are scheduled on weekends and evenings with a few exceptions. The Full-time program starts each spring and fall semester, takes 19 weeks and is scheduled 6 days a week. This is an intensive training program and exceeds the maximum limit of registration hours for one semester.

What is P.O.S.T. certification?
The Peace Officer’s Standards and Training, or P.O.S.T., Board in Colorado certifies or licenses Law Enforcement in Colorado. Post Certification is the Law Enforcement License you receive from P.O.S.T. You must be P.O.S.T. certified to work as a law enforcement officer in Colorado

Will I be P.O.S.T. Certified when I Graduate?
Not completely, you receive the “Basic Training” for law enforcement work and will be certified in the skills areas but you will need to pass the P.O.S.T. written Exam before you are certified in the state of Colorado. More information on P.O.S.T. certification and the process can be found at the P.O.S.T. website. Individual law enforcement agencies require their own application process.