Thanks for looking into Humanities classes at ACC!

We believe that education is not the same thing as "job training." Our core mission is an unqualified commitment to the preservation, enrichment and expansion of the tradition of humanistic study which transcends any one profession, yet applies to all of them.

Our courses cover various disciplines of liberal arts including literature, philosophy, music, religion, film, theatre and art history. We seek to impart wisdom for personal, cultural and professional renewal through the pursuit of an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to human questions. Some of today's most highly respected business, political, and cultural leaders hold degrees in a humanities discipline. By gaining a broad-based knowledge of humanistic thought, refined analytic skills and an increased understanding of cultures across the globe, you will be prepared to create a successful life in whatever direction you choose.

ACC’s Humanities department offers a range of transferrable course offerings, including:

  • Humanities 103, Introduction to Film: Introduces students to the basics of film production and how the cinema has influenced our personal and national identities. It is an ideal class for would-be screenwriters and filmmakers.
  • Humanities 115, World Mythology: Starts with the understanding that myths are the building blocks of culture. The class introduces a variety of Western and Eastern myths that attempt to explain fundamental human questions common to all cultures at all times.
  • Humanities 121, Early Civilizations: Covers the development of the ancient civilizations from around the globe and the beginnings of all of the world’s major religions.
  • Humanities 122, Medieval to Modern: Introduces the art, literature, drama, music, philosophy and religion of the European Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, as well as cultural developments in Africa and Asia.
  • Humanities 123, The Modern World: Delves into the cultural, artistic and philosophical developments that have influenced, and continue to shape, our world today.
  • Humanities 220, The Cultural History of Rock and Roll: This class looks at social and cultural history through the study of popular music. It also covers how popular and critical tastes are reflections of artistic, cultural, sexual, economic and ideological sensibilities at the time of its production.

Taking Humanities classes at ACC offers a number of immediate and long-term benefits, including:

  • A vibrant and accessible faculty of scholars and writers dedicated to sharing their knowledge of and lifelong enthusiasm for literature.
  • Almost all courses are guaranteed to transfer to both in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of these courses will help you put other courses into greater context.
  • Flexible scheduling that accommodates your busy schedule.
  • Small class sizes which assure lively class interaction and personal attention.
  • Many courses offered as Great Books sections to satisfy the completion of ACC’s Great Book Achievement Award.