The EMT Program consists of EMS 121, 122, 123, 124 (11 credit hours) and EMS 170 (1 credit hour). These classes provide the tools you need to become a state certified EMT. Taking these classes is the first step to getting into the field of EMS and becoming a paramedic.

The EMT program provides the knowledge and skills required to deliver emergency care to a sick or injured patient. To apply to most Fire Departments in Colorado, these classes must be successfully completed. After completion, you must take the National Registry EMT written exam. Upon successful completion of this exam, you may apply for Colorado State Certification as an EMT.

What to expect once you are in the EMT Program

  • Classroom instruction and lab sessions to give you the foundation and experience you need to succeed
  • Clinical shifts in an emergency department and a rescue unit (ambulance and fire rescue)
  • Cadaver and extrication labs
  • Emergency training simulation exercises

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