Computer Aided Drafting

Create. Design. Move Mountains.

Are you looking to take your designs, whether they are architectural, mechanical or interior designs, to the next level? Let us help. At ACC you can get a certificate in Computer Aided Drafting or an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Graphics Technologies and make your designs come alive.

Computer Aided Drafting Software

You will acquire CAD skills utilizing the latest releases of Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, or SketchUp software. ACC has a variety of accelerated courses to fit your schedule. The program offers basic skills to advanced levels of training in the application of design software.

Software Programs with Courses that Use Them


CAD101 - Computer Aided Drafting I
CAD102 - Computer Aided Drafting II
CAD105 - AutoCAD for Interiors
CAD201 - Customization
CAD202 - Computer Aided Drafting/3D
CAD249 - Autolisp Programming

Revit CAD224 - Revit


CAD240 - Inventor

SketchUp Pro

CAD115 - SketchUp
CAD216 - Advanced SketchUp


CAD255 - SOLIDWORKS/Mechanical


Degree and Certificate Options

  • Associate of Applied Science - Engineering Graphics Technologies - Mechanical Design Concentration
    • This degree will allow you to study mechanical technologies, which contains an in-depth emphasis in computer aided design (CAD) including two and three dimensional design, visualization, customization, and programming. As a mechanical design student, you will be introduced to 3D printing, parametric modeling design, geometric tolerancing (GDandT), materials, and manufacturing processes.
  • Computer Aided Drafting Certificates (Architecture, Engineering Graphics Technology, or Interior Design)
    • The Computer Aided Drafting certificate will prepare you for advanced levels of computer aided design within industry, utilizing the latest hardware and software releases. The certificate may be completed within one year. This certificate will prepare you to perform 2D and 3D design including customization and AutoLISP programming with a CAD system.

Computer Aided Drafting Jobs

When you complete our program, you will be prepared for employment opportunities including:

  • Draftsperson
  • Designer
  • Computer Aided Design Technician

What are you waiting for? Design with cutting-edge software and with an edge over the competition. Enroll today.