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Student Resources and Services

Accommodations - Disabilities

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, ACC provides students with documented disabilities academic accommodations based on an individual needs assessment. Support services may include:

  • Test accommodations
  • Readers
  • Scribes
  • Interpreters and/or amplification devices
  • Ergonomic furniture and equipment
  • Materials in alternative formats
  • Note takers
  • Assistive computer equipment
  • Class assistants

To request accommodations, contact Disability Access Services in Room M2710 of the Main Building at the Littleton Campus, or call 303.797.5937. Students with disabilities are responsible for providing documentation of disability from a qualified professional.


The Bookstore, on the first floor of the Littleton Campus Main building, is the official source for new and used books. You can order books, review our refund and buy-back policies, and access other store information at The campus bookstore sells school supplies, bargain books, laptops, software, ACC gifts and apparel, study guides, greeting cards, technology supplies and more.

Campus Police

The Campus Police Department is a full service department that consists of professional police officers and staff dedicated to working in partnership with the campus community. Services include: taking incident reports, investigating alleged crimes, providing motorist assistance, safety escorts, managing lost and found, first response to emergency situations and victim assistance referrals.

Parking Services

Parking Fee - Any motor vehicle parked in a parking lot at any ACC campus must display a valid parking permit or pass.

  • Parking Fee - $25.00 per semester or $40.00 per year
    • Allows parking in ACC lots.
    • Fee is $25.00 FALL Semester - May 15 - December 31
    • Fee is $25.00 SPRING Semester - January 1 – August 15
    • OR Fee is $40.00 Annual Parking Pass - July 1 - August 15 of the following year

To purchase your parking pass

  • Pay online through Cashnet - Paying here allows you to select from two options: pick up your pass or have pass mailed to you. Passes purchased here will not reflect on your student ledger. Print/Save your payment confirmation.
  • Login to myACC and: 
    • Go to the “Student Finance” page
    • Go to Payment Options and Refunds section (in the left column) and click on “Pay with Credit Card – Optional Purchases”
    • Select the parking pass option you would like and select “Add to Payment” and then pay. Paying here does not allow a mailing option to be selected. Passes purchased here will show on your student account.
    • Print/Save your payment confirmation

To get your physical parking pass, stop by an ACC Campus and with your printed receipt and go to:

  1. Littleton Campus – Campus Police
    Monday – Friday: 10am – 1pm across from the Welcome Center (2nd Floor, Main Building)
    Tuesdays: 4:30-7:30pm in the Campus Police Office (M2630)
    After hours and weekends – call from the campus police phone at M2630 (limited availability)
  2. Sturm Collaboration Campus – Welcome Desk
    Monday – Wednesday: 8am – 8:30pm
    Thursday – Friday: 7:30am – 5pm
  3. Have your parking pass mailed to you by selecting the mailing option in your cart when you purchase your parking pass online through Cashnet.


Security Phones

Littleton campus classrooms have in-house security phones. The Campus Police Department can be reached by calling ext. 5911. If no immediate answer, call 9-911.

Classrooms at the Parker campus and the Sturm Collaboration Campus in Castle Rock have in-house security phones. These phones are in-house and 911 only. For 911 these must be dialed as 9-911

Code Blue emergency phones are located in each parking lot at ACC’s Littleton campus, Parker campus, and the Art and Design Center.

Cancelled Classes

If a class is canceled, staff will make every effort to notify you before you arrive at class. In addition, notices will be posted near the classroom and messaged in Desire2Learn (D2L). If there is no posted notice and your Instructor does not appear, check with the school office (Littleton Campus, Annex, A2000).

Insufficient Enrollment

The Vice President for Instruction may cancel any course with insufficient enrollment. Every effort is made by staff to contact students affected by these cancelations.

Career & Transfer Services

Career and Transfer Services is here to help students develop their career and academic plan and transition from ACC to continuing education or the workplace. Services include career exploration and decision-making, job search and employment services, and transfer information. Contact the Career & Transfer Services office today at 303.797.5805 or email careers [at] arapahoe [dot] edu.

Career Exploration and Planning

Undecided about a major or career? Career exploration can help students make one of the more important decisions in their life. Career assessments are available, both free and for a nominal fee. Career and Transfer Services provides up-to-date information on career decision making and occupational information. Students can develop a career plan to fit their needs and focus their future, based on realistic self-knowledge.

Employment Services Available

  • Full-and part-time, temporary and seasonal employment postings
  • Resume critique and job search counseling
  • On-campus employer recruiting
  • Job fairs, job search, resume writing and interview technique seminars

The Center will work with students to answer specific questions about their job search and can provide practice interviews.

Transfer Information

Resources and information are available to assist students with making decisions about their next steps beyond ACC and to pursue transferring to a four-year college or university. The Career and Transfer Center facilitates visits with transfer advisors from several universities and hosts an annual College Transfer Fair.

College Closure

Download the ACC ALERT app. It’s the official safety app of Arapahoe Community College. The app will send you campus emergency, weather and traffic alerts. It also features emergency contacts, location services, tip reporting and much more. Share the app with your family and friends.

All students, faculty and staff are automatically registered to receive ACC Alert emergency alerts by phone, text, and email.

Weather alerts will be made as soon as possible and will be announced on the ACC Alert app, text message, email, ACC website, TV media and ACC social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @ArapahoeCC)

Emergency Messages

There is no paging system at ACC, but emergency message delivery will be provided through the Campus Police Department (303.797.5800). We cannot tell callers where a student can be found, but we will make every effort to locate a student with a message about a REAL emergency (family/medical).

Grade Reports

Grades are not mailed. Students may access their grades at by accessing myACC.

Grievance & Appeal Processes

Students taking any Arapahoe Community College courses who have a complaint about their experiences with Arapahoe Community College, have two options:

  1. Follow Arapahoe Community College’s process for student complaints, or contact the Higher Learning Commission, which is Arapahoe Community College’s accrediting agency.
  2. If you are residing outside of Colorado while attending Arapahoe Community College, in many cases you can file a complaint in the state where you are residing. This list can also provide you with state agencies that manage the student complaint process.

Before exercising either of the above options, students should be aware that most, if not all, external complaint processes require the student exhaust all of the institution’s internal complaint procedures prior to considering the review of a grievance.

Learning Options

In addition to traditional classroom-based courses that are a full semester in length, ACC offers a variety of courses in other formats to help meet the needs of students. Courses may be accelerated, running in fewer than 15 weeks. Common examples are 10-week and 7-week options. Courses may also be offered online or in a hybrid format (partially online and partially classroom-based),

Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses are shorter than the traditional 15-week full-semester length courses.  Accelerated courses accomplish the same course objectives, cover the same content, and meet all of the same contact hours as traditional courses.

Arrangement Courses

Arrangement courses require students to complete projects and class activities with faculty direction.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses have less classroom time than traditional classes and provide additional online activities and online class content. Students may use computers at the Open Computer Lab at ACC’s Littleton Campus to meet the online requirements of the hybrid class.

Independent Study

Independent study is to meet your individual needs and to foster strong faculty and student connections. This course format allows you to learn and study at your own pace under the guidance an Instructor. If you are interested in an Independent Study course, talk to an Academic Advisor or an Instructor. You must complete a contract when you register that includes the course title, credits, learning objectives and strategies. For more information, contact the Records and Enrollment Services Office at 303.797.5621.

Online Courses

Online courses are regular college-credit courses that are taught online as opposed to in the classroom. Though online courses require due dates and interaction with other students in the class, they offer flexibility to the busy, highly motivated, self-directed student. If you wish to take an online course you must have access to a computer with up-to-date hardware and software, and stable / reliable Internet connectivity. Students may use computers at the Open Computer Lab at ACC’s Littleton Campus.

Webcast Courses

Webcast courses provide the access convenience of online courses, with the in-person faculty and student interaction of traditional classroom-based courses. Students attend Webcast courses on scheduled days and times, but they attend via the web utilizing software that allows the students and faculty to see and interact with each other.

Library & Learning Commons

librarians [at] arapahoe [dot] edu

The ACC Library & Learning Commons is a hub of in-person and virtual academic support located on the 2nd floor of the main building on the Littleton Campus. The Library supports students at all three campuses as well as concurrent enrollment students at local high schools. Within the Library & Learning Commons, students have access to desktop computers, laptops, printers, iPads, a 3D printer, an Oculus virtual reality headset, a scanner, an instruction lab, large and small group study rooms, and a dedicated Law Library. Desktop computers are located on both floors and laptops can be checked out for use within the Library. All computers print to black/white and color printers. Every student begins the semester with $25.00 in free printing. The Reserve Collection includes some required textbooks and objects such as anatomical models, microscopes, and slides. Professional tutoring services are also available in the areas of writing, math, and biology.

During open hours, our librarians are eager to help in-person or online with research needs, assist with proper citations of sources, or just recommend a good book. When the Library is closed, students can access our 24/7 reference chat service through our website.

Name Changes

If your name changes for any reason, contact Records & Enrollment Services immediately at 303.797.5621 or records [at] arapahoe [dot] edu. Documentation will be required to officially change your legal name at ACC; examples of acceptable documentation are: valid Colorado Driver’s License, valid Colorado Identification Card (issued by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles), United States Military Card, United States Military Dependent Identification Card, United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card, Native American Tribal Document, United States Passports (except for “limited” passports), marriage certificate, or Birth Certificate from any state, the District of Columbia and all United States territories (valid photo ID must accompany birth certificate).

Open Computer Lab

The Open Computer Lab is on the first floor of the Main building at the Littleton campus and is available for use by current ACC students. For information about the technology available, and how to access the Open Computer Lab, please visit the Technology at ACC webpage.

School Email Address

All ACC students are assigned a school email address upon enrollment in their first course at the College. You will be notified of the school email address via email (to your personal email address) following your course enrollment. You will be able to access your email address via myACC at

Once the school email address has been assigned, ACC communicates with students via email only through the school-issued email address and all official college communications and notifications will be to the school-issued email address.


Smoking, including vapor cigarettes, is prohibited in all College buildings as directed by the Governor’s Executive Order D0036 90. Smoking is also prohibited on all ACC properties.

Student Class Definition

Your academic year classification is made according to the number of credit hours you have completed. We use the following definitions to determine your classification:

Freshman: A student who has successfully completed fewer than 30 semester credit hours.

Sophomore:  A student who has successfully completed 30 - 59 semester credit hours.

Junior:  A student who has successfully completed 60 - 89 semester credit hours.

Senior:  A student who has successfully completed 90 or more semester credit hours.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is an essential resource for students at ACC. The Handbook includes detailed information about renting a locker, posting items on the bulletin boards, opportunities in and around campus, Student Rights and Responsibilities, the Code of Conduct and much more. The Student Handbook is available online. Please direct any questions about the Student Handbook to Student Engagement Center, Littleton Campus, Main Building, Room M2720.

Student Math Support Center

The Math Support Center provides free tutoring by Faculty and students for all math classes. Tutors provide assistance with math concepts, homework, online resources and graphing calculators. For more information, visit the Math Support Center in M2500 or call 303.797.5893.

Tutoring is offered by a variety of ACC Math Tutors online, virtually through Zoom and some in-person sessions. Sign up for your tutoring sessions through Navigate by clicking on “Appointments” and then clicking “Schedule an Appointment.” Select your math class and then the time that works in your schedule. Sessions are 30 minutes each and are limited to 3 students per tutor. View our step-by-step instructions about how to schedule your appointment through Navigate or watch the video on the ACC Math Support Center webpage.

Student Photo ID

ACC issues an Electronic ACC ID Card to all students at the time of admittance to ACC. The Electronic ACC ID Card is embedded in the acceptance letter.  Students may print it or take a screen shot of it and retain the screen shot on their phone. Students who are having difficulty locating their acceptance letter and Electronic ACC ID Card may contact the Records & Enrollment Services office at 303.797.5621 or records [at] arapahoe [dot] edu.

Students Rights, Freedoms & Responsibilities

Through its procedures, Arapahoe Community College (ACC) ensures the rights of all its students to pursue their educational objectives. The ACC community includes students who are enrolled in ACC courses for credit or non-credit courses, including Community Education courses. The ACC community also includes faculty, staff, administrators and guests.

A student is subject to two sources of authority:

College authority and civil-criminal authority. ACC also expects students who are enrolled in specialized programs to follow the standards specified in their respective program handbooks (e.g., Nursing, Law Enforcement Academy and Emergency Medical Technician).

Judicial processes, including code of conduct, academic honesty statement and grievance procedures are stated in the ACC Student Handbook.

The Handbook is available in the Dean of Students office, Littleton Campus, Main Building, Room M2720 or online. For answers to specific questions, contact the Director of Students office at 303.797.5730 or acc [dot] dos [at] arapahoe [dot] edu.

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center is a free, drop-in/appointment based/virtual tutorial service staffed by advanced students who have excelled in their classes. Students can work individually with tutors in person as well as online and also attend small group sessions that focus on specific courses. From time management to test taking, tutors offer valuable tips on what it takes to be successful. For more information, visit the Academic Support Center, located in the Open Computer Lab at the Littleton Campus, Main Building, Room M1650, call 303.797.5669, or email acc [dot] asc [at] arapahoe [dot] edu.

Student Writing Center

The Student Writing Center is an appointment based tutoring service that offers one-on-one tutoring sessions (in-person and online). The Center works with student writers of any skill level and can provide support and guidance for all college writing assignments. We can assist with resumes, cover letters and scholarship essays. While not a proofreading or editing service, we are happy to help with proofreading, revision and documentation. Please call the Writing Center or visit the Writing Center webpage to schedule an appointment or call 303.797.5893.

Wireless Internet

ACC provides open wireless Internet access at all three campuses; Littleton, Parker, and Sturm Collaboration Campus at Castle Rock. Wireless access is provided via the “ACC” wifi network on campus. This is an open network; no password or username is required to use the “ACC” WiFi network.

ACC has improved the WiFi signals around the ACC Littleton Campus. View the map. The stars indicate where WiFi access points are located (Lot A, Lot B, Lot C, Lot D, Lot E, Lot G, Lot H, Lot I, the North Building, the Main Building, the Annex Building, The South Building, and the South Lawn).

Guaranteed Transfer Courses

View all ACC courses that are guaranteed to transfer. 

ACC Guaranteed Transfer Courses