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  • Global, Human, & Social Sciences

    Human society and social behavior are fascinating and now you can learn about the effects. A degree within this pathway allows you to study the “why” behind the rich diversity of the world. By examining thought processes, learned behaviors, ancient and modern cultures, language, politics or philosophical reasoning, you will gain critical thinking and social observation skills to start on a path to transfer.
    Move Mountains to Transform Humanity!


Explore and study mankind on a global scale with the Anthropology program at Arapahoe Community College. Learn to understand the human experience within cultures and societies. Study how language, biology, and culture impact societies.


How do people make decisions about work, wealth, and well-being? How do governments affect the overall level of economic activity? How do firms decide how much to produce and what prices to charge?


The study of history informs and reminds us of all that came before us in humanity’s timeline. When you study history, you’ll learn how empires formed and fell, who lead revolutions and conquered nations, and where ideas and philosophies developed.


At ACC, we offer an Associate of Arts degree in Philosophy that will let you transfer into a philosophy program at 4-year Colorado institutions.

Political Science

Do you dream of making a difference in politics or through community service? Your degree in Political Science is the first step on your path to a career in politics or community / public service.


If the mind and behavior are what interests you, then you should pursue a degree in psychology at ACC. We offer an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Science degree in Psychology to help you find the transfer path that’s right for you.


The science of sociology seeks to understand society, culture, and the people who are a part of it through empirical investigation and critical analysis.

World Languages

We share our planet with billions of people, many of whom communicate in a language other than English. Learning a new language will allow you to connect with more people and learn about different cultures.