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Secure Software Development AAS


CIP110101 (ASD)

The Secure Software Development degree combines skills in computer programming, software assurance, and database development fundamentals. A degree in Secure Software can provide jobs under the title of Computer Systems Analysts, Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers, Computer Programmers, Software Developer, and Information Security Analysts.

Program Requirements

General Education Courses (24 credit hours)

Choose three (3) credits from the following areas:

  • Social and Behavioral Science: GT SS1-SS3 OR
  • Arts & Humanities: GT AH1-AH4 OR
  • History GT HI1

Recommended courses from the areas above: ECO 2001, ECO 2002, HIS 1310, HIS 1320, PHI 1013

Choose eight (8) credits from the following area:

  • Natural and Physical Sciences: GT-SC1 or GT-SC2

Recommended courses GEY 1111, AST 1110

Total: 63 credit hours

Graduation Requirements

  • Apply for graduation online at
  • As a graduate of a Career and Technical Education program you will be contacted by an ACC employee in approximately six months to verify your employment information. This information gathering is a federal requirement to ensure that ACC receives certain federal funding.