Emergency Dispatch

9-1-1. What’s your emergency?

  • Are you patient and calm during a crisis?
  • Are you able to multi-task with computers?
  • If so, then a career in emergency telecommunications may be for you!

The only program of its kind in Colorado!

In an emergency, the first people to answer a 911 call for help are Emergency Dispatchers. Seconds after receiving an emergency call, these well-trained, highly professional individuals react to send the appropriate type and number of emergency services units in response to calls for assistance. They also monitor the activity of emergency services personnel at the scene. Emergency Dispatchers work in a variety of settings, ranging from police and fire stations to hospitals or centralized communications centers. Communication skills and the ability to work under pressure are important personal qualities for dispatchers.

The Criminal Justice Program’s Emergency Dispatch Certificate is in direct response to law enforcement agencies’ need for qualified, job-ready applicants. There is a high percentage of turnover in this industry. Most law enforcement agencies take up to 12 months to train new hires only to lose them within 3 to 5 years. As a result, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 13,000 new dispatchers will be needed in the next 8 years.

Highlights of this program:

  • Flexible scheduling - you can take online classes at their convenience, with lab simulation during the evenings
  • Short completion time - you can complete the program, academy-style, and become job-ready in less than 6 months
  • State-of-the-art lab equipment - you develop and practice the very skills you need to succeed in a safe environment in our simulation lab, which duplicates the operation of a 911 Communication Center. The OMNI-COMM system from SAVE Corporation is the most sophisticated of its kind
  • National Certification - after completing our program, you are eligible to sit for a national certification exam and the opportunity to become a Certified Emergency Telecommunicator

What coursework do I take?

With just five courses, you can be ready to enter this critical services position in the criminal justice system. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in all courses in the same semester:

  • CRJ110 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ125 - Policing Systems
  • CRJ201 - Emergency Dispatching
  • CRJ257 - Victimology
  • PSY116 - Stress Management

Course Descriptions