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Choromanski Completes Journey of Redemption at ACC

ACC student, Nicole Choromanski

An unstable family situation and problems at home culminated with a probational stint for Nicole Choromanski when she was a teenager. Nearly 15 years later, Choromanski has worked tirelessly to turn her life around full circle, as the 2-time ACC graduate was recently hired as a probation officer with Colorado’s newly formed 23rd Judicial District.

A Littleton resident, Choromanski struggled through her high school years, attending 3 different schools (ThunderRidge, Eagle Academy, Dakota Ridge) before graduating in 2011. She attended beauty school a few years later and worked as a barber for several years before deciding to make a change.

“I knew that my full potential wasn’t being utilized, and I had much more to contribute to the world,” Choromanski explained. “I kept reminding myself that my full potential is yet to be realized.”

3 years ago, in the spring of 2021, she enrolled in ACC’s Criminal Justice Associate of Arts (AA) transfer degree. Later that fall, Choromanski began an internship as a Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) with Colorado’s 18th Judicial District.

“Initially, I took the internship to satisfy requirements for a service-learning class,” said Choromanski. “Turns out, though, I immediately fell in love with the idea of a rewarding career in criminal rehabilitation.”

Toward the end of her AA, she learned about ACC’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Emergency Service Administration (ESA). Unwavering support from her faculty and instructors, along with financial assistance through the Career Forward program, helped Choromanski begin - and excel throughout - the ESA BAS program.

“I knew that having my bachelor’s degree would be the key the unlocking all the ways in which I could help make the world a better place,” says Choromanski. “What drives me towards criminal rehabilitation is knowing how much happier someone can be once they are on the other side. A lot of people in the system don’t realize how much better their lives can be until they break the cycle. I think everyone deserves to find happiness.”

Choromanski became the first DPO (Level III) in the 18th Judicial District to be assigned a juvenile caseload. Even more, she had 2 job offers on the table to become a Probation Officer (PO) upon the completion of her ESA BAS in December 2023. Choromanski's internship supervisors told her it’s the first time they’ve seen a new grad receive multiple PO job offers. In January 2024, she accepted a position as a PO with the 23rd Judicial District.

As inspirational as her story gets better. Choromanski will be working alongside a colleague in the same office in the 23rd Judicial District who, believe it or not, once served as her juvenile probation officer.

“I think it’s just incredible to have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree at a community college,” says Choromanski, who resides with her 2 dogs - Waffle and Happy - and enjoys painting, video games and working out in her leisure time. “For older students like me who may be thinking about going back to college, I know it sounds cliche, but my advice is to start now. ACC has amazing resources and support no matter what stage of life you’re in.”